Black Gold

Yes, that would be the filthy engine compartment of my truck and I’d like to point out the most notable phrase here: Engine Oil. If you happened by the Q house on the late side of eight tonight you would have seen me buried up to my shoulders in said compartment trying to swap out filters. Until this evening, I hadn’t actually ever changed the oil in the beast but I used to do it all the time in the Ranger so I figured same old same old only one size bigger. That one size thing? Yeah, that would be the reason I was sitting on the front part of the engine, sprawled out over most of the rest of it with my arm plunged into the deepest darkest guts trying to fiddle the oil filter out of its cradle.

Oh and also, that evil stupid loopy oil filter wrench of HATE that I had to buy because my preferred end cap oil filter wrench wasn’t cutting it? Worked like a charm. Gahhh!

Oh! Good news, sorta, on the ghosties cookies for g’ma front. We managed to snag some at Kroger (pronounced K-Roget and verra Fraunch) after quite a search and now I am the proud owner of a pack of ghostie cookies AND a pack of pumpkin cookies. Huzzah! Still looking for a cookie tin, though. Tonight we zoomed over to JoAnn’s in that continuing search for a nice cookie tin (doesn’t anyone in this town ever send their grandma cookies? You would think one could maybe find a plain cookie tin somewhere) and came up MT again. Strike three on the tinnage.

That did put us right in the neighborhood of Applebee’s (happy coincidence? Mmmmmmmmmmaybe) so of course we stopped for a bite to eat. Of course! Mmmmm, salmon. Weirdly, Applebee’s does a great salmon, but it’s best if you order it without the honey sauce because the honey sauce suXX0rs. Since we were also in the neighborhood we swooped by Lowe’s to check out freezer chests and lo! We pulled up to what sounded like a good handful of angry eight foot crickets all trying to out chirp their fellow bug. There were no crickets, sadly (since an eight foot cricket, although creepy, would be actually kinda cool to see), only a fire alarm that would not shut up. Evidently they had some HVAC work done which triggered the alarm and no one seemed to be able to find the hush up button, or the hush up button wasn’t working. Either way, it was mighty loud.

So of course, we made a purchase. Of course! TheMan and I are now the proud owners of an 8.8 cubic foot freezer chest, which is currently on layaway because we drove the bug in. Hence, also, my late evening oil change so it all is rather interrelated. Anyway, we got a pretty sweet deal on the chest and decided to come back and get it rather than have them deliver it since they wanted to tack on an extra $50 to do so. As an owner of a (now functional) truck, I get all antsy with the thought of paying someone to deliver something I’m perfectly capable of hauling myself. What’s the point of having a full sized gas guzzling behemoth if you aren’t going to use it for the one function it shines at?

Free, on the other hand, you can’t beat that with a sharp stick. I’ll let anyone deliver me something for free. Lazy is as lazy does.

So now I need for there to be a huge sale on freezer stuff so I can fill it up with goodies. Free Zer Chest! Free Zer Chest! Whoooooooo! You can not imagine the impracticality of door freezers until you have had to live with one for a while. They are a whole lot of space not planned out very well (although I suspect they are the bomb if you happen to have an auxiliary freezer for your main freezer and use the door freezer for the most commonly used items. Then I can see them being useful. We shall see, no?) and currently ours is bustin to the gills with freezer things. I’ll let you know how it goes after we get the new chest home and tucked into place.

The double bonus is that the chest is a nice flat surface, which will be snugged up adjacent to the laundry area. Looks like I got my folding counter and freezer in one purchase. Booyaw.

Alright, I gotta go soak my icicle toes and watch the last episode of Stargate, Season 6. Guess what came from Amazon today. Whoooo!

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