101 Days of Working Out

Hey, I’m doing better than the enchilada pan!

Like Dalmatians, today is my 101st day of working out! I feel…quite tired actually. Where is my super burst of energy and all that healthy living crap? I should be cleaning the house 24/7 and shopping and weeding and gardening with enough energy to bake a cake or a chicken or take up extreme knitting. Instead I usually take a nap after work, putter around on Warcraft or Facebook or maybe make dinner or something. I think maybe my severe procrastination syndrome might be some of the cause since I usually start working out around 10:30 or so and then don’t get to bed until midnight. I’m one of those people who can do a 5 or 6 hour night of sleep once in a while but function much better on 8-10 hours of sleep.

Maybe I am living a burst of exercise-y energy goodness and this is as good as it gets for getting only 5-6 hours of sleep continuously.

As far as other goals, I haven’t yet hit the quarter cheerleader mark. That’s going to be one of my big celebratory markers; 25 pounds gone. Although, I would also be happy if I stayed at my current weight but everything trimmed up. It’s about the healthy and if I suddenly developed neutron dense muscle I’d be OK with that if the belly and the butt took a hike. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen but in it does, I won’t complain.

*quick look over shoulder*

Damn. Butt in all its glory still firmly affixed. I wish it would take a hint.

My coworker who initiated the challenge (and who has *just* started working out [inserting superior than thou dance here] [[until he works out for a month and sheds the fat like butter on a hot skillet. Stooped men and their stoopid fat losing ways]]) asked if I was eating healthier. Ummm…sorta? Maybe? I should probably sit down with my food and do some actual planning of things and stuff so that I’m eating a set amount of good things and whatnot but I really don’t want to. That’s a lot of effort, I’m not sure I have the wherewithal to be that scrutinize-y with my foods.

I need meal planning gnomes. No wait, dishes gnomes first, then garden-y (not garden) gnomes THEN meal planning gnomes. I can do the laundry on my own so at least I’ll save on the laundry gnomes. I NEED GNOMES!!!

2008: Think of this as soft focus food…a glamor shot if you will.

2007: You know when they say “look both ways and check for traffic” before pulling out of a driveway? They probably assumed that they didn’t have to add “and also, if there is someone already in the left turn lane blocking your path, you shouldn’t pull out”.

2006: On the plus side, the chest burster gave up and went wherever it goes when it’s not trying to hatch my head, but on the down side Saturday was a mostly wasted day.

2005: Butt to big, can’t post.

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2003: What the-Who’s doing all that crazy shit with the tails?

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