Presenteeism. Want a Song About it? Here you Go.

I am home sick today because someone came in to work when they really should have been home recuperating in bed. People! If you are getting sick, stay home!


All weekend was riddled with sick and presick. TheMan got hit hard first and as these things usually progress, I came down with it later. The weekend recap looks pretty much like this: Friday – Was there any Warcrafting? There was napping and working out. Mostly napping. Saturday there was Warcrafting and napping. Mostly napping again. Sunday had more napping. The end.

Well OK, this weekend had a little more punch than that. We staged a Wasem’s run for doughnuts (duhh!) and pumpkins for the carving so Saturday morning found us out reeeeealy early and off to the corner of dirt and dirt. I guess everyone else was all about the up early with the dirt and dirt destination in mind because there were a bazillionty people there. Alessar went later on in the day and they had run out of doughnuts. Run out of doughnuts people!!! That’s krazy!

I was hoping for one of the Jarrahdale pumpkins but they had none out front. Incidentally they added this awesome awning thing which covers both cash register tables as well as the sort of showcase area where they keep the pumpkins, apples, whatever on display. Swank! So! No zombie pumpkins. I asked if they had grown any this year (I need new seeds!) and the guy at the cash register said there might be some in the fields. He even lead us over to the big board map and gave us helpful and very detailed instructions to weird pumpkins and gourds (DQ wanted darker skinned gourds than they had on display/for sale). We tromped to the back 40 and eventually found a herd of white pumpkins which looked like zombie pumpkins in construction but lumina pumpkins in color. A cross breeding? I picked one up anyway along with a nice round one and a huge big one.

By the time we got everything ship and shape (and home and the copious amounts of mud scraped off our shoes and pants) it was time to nap! Then it was Warcrafty time and then it was time to sleep. I take long naps. I might also play a lot of Warcraft. Incidentally, I got Tan, one of my first toons ever, to 75.

Somewhere in there I baked the most awesome chicken ever which came about because of a discussion we had at work. For some reason, we were talking about what you can and cannot stuff up a chicken cavity to keep the bird moist and I hit on Oranges. I had them classed as “No chicken cavity for YOU!” until I realized that peeled and scored (to let the juices out) they might be downright tasty. So I experimented and lo! That was a most excellent bird indeed. Sadly, hot honey-orange glazed chicken was eaten too fast to get a pic of. On the bright side, TheMan remarked that this recipe would be wonderful adapted to turkey. Guess who still had a turkey in the freezer. Expect another recipe posting in the near future!

Lastly, today I am sulking because I’m sick but I’m also making stock which makes me snuggly happy. I am at odds with myself! The stock may very well be winning because it smells so delicious and wonderful and stock napping is totally a cooking option. Win-win? Indeed.

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