The Weekend Commeth

The evening is beginning to bud with options! Why I could go and do stuff and things or be craftsy or industrious. The beginning of a weekend heralds a plethora of possibilities, things, plans, stuff…how’s a girl supposed to choose? Most likely I’ll just choose to take a nap or veg in front of the TV but I could maybe get a tad more done on some craftsy stuff I’ve started while I’m vegging. Multitasking while being lazy, that’s my gig. Actually, I think it’s more guilt free lazing since I’m doing something I need to get done while sitting on my ass. Hey! On that note, I might as well get some laundry napping done. Booyaw.

So far, TheMan and I have Important House And Grownup Plans for Saturday, which kinda suck in the scheme of “I have two full days I do not have to be at work!” I need to hire someone else out to be my grownup because dishes, laundry, yard work…yuck! I wanna be mapping out my veggie garden for next year or maybe watching a movie in a real live theater (oooooo!) or baking Halloween cookies, not cleaning the gutters or washing the vehicles. Any volunteers to come over to the Q house for a couple of hours of grunt labor? No? Funny that, no one ever wants to do my chores.

I do plan to gut our pumpkins this weekend, most likely Saturday, and start in on some pumpkin seed roasting. Perhaps we will carve the pumpkins too, seeings as they will have no innards anyway but really at the moment I’m all about the roasting of the seeds. Mmmm. By the way, the secret to a tasty roasted pumpkin seed is Worcestershire sauce. Mmmmm! I’m also planning on making Halloween cut out cookies some time this weekend to bring into work. Mostly because I have a cat cookie cutter I bought for no apparent reason other than I thought I might not have a cat and it was cute. I did not, it was, and really, I didn’t need a cat cookie cutter…unless I was going to be making Halloween cookies! There, justification. Now I have to make the cookies by gum.

TheMan wants to clean the gutters and get rid of the giant brush pile in the back yard as his Grownup projects (can cookie making be considered a grownup project? How about pumpkin gutting?), I’ve most likely got vehicle duty (aw come on, cookies involve ovens…only grownups are allowed to use ovens!) and perhaps dishes and laundry. The truck is up and running but needs the current plate put on and gas and both vehicles are NARSTY dirty. Oi! There is also the freezer chest pick up thing as well so I don’t think my Saturday is going to be all fun and games like I would really like it to be. Foo. One of these weekends (when I have all my grownup chores done) I’m going to do absolutely whatever I want to on a Saturday. Cookies? SURE! Nap all day? SURE!

Wow, I really have nothing to say. TheMan and I are going to try one more place tonight for a cookie tin, otherwise I’m going to just stuff the cookies all in one of those Ziplock tubs and send them off. How can it be so hard to find a plain cookie tin in this town?

Last year at the booniverse: Dress. Shoes. Vail. Check, check, check. Undies, well not so much. Hold on…there. All taken care of. I love the internet.

2 Responses to “The Weekend Commeth”

  1. momq Says:

    Cookies? grown up? sure. Need a pumpkin or crow or scotty dog or witch on broom or moon or gingerbread person you could change into a skeleton? I have all sorts of cutters that are virgin as well as many well used. The cutter is not the reason. the cookies are. have fun.

  2. boo Says:

    Oooo…gingerbread skeletons! That’s GREAT! I have a gingerbread dude too. He is so being pressed into skeleton service. Mmmm, cookies. I went looking through my cutters and I have quite the Halloween collection: Pumpkin (x2), ghost (x2), cat, bat, I think a witch but don’t quote me, errrr…and a couple other ones I’m forgetting. Oh, and a Llama. I also took a peek at the Christmas cookie cutters and I feel that a star, sleigh, tree, gingerbread dude and bell are but the basic set. Obviously, I need to hit the stores if I am to have a diverse Christmas selection 🙂