Pumpkins, Rain and Die, Truck, Die.

I bet the Greeks were just fooling everybody, Monday really means “I utterly hate this day of the week” in the ancient tongue. Ugh, here’s a resounding BOOOO for Mondays just on account. BOOOO! Why do they always sneak up like that? One minute I’m enjoying my Sunday and the next the alarm is going off reminding me that I need to get up and go to work. How does that happen? That’s it, I’m starting a grass roots movement to make Monday part of the weekend. Maybe I’ll feel more congenial towards it/them if I don’t have to drag my sleepy butt into work at the crack of way to freaking early.

That said, the weekend went fairly well all things considering. For those of you playing at home, if you guessed that I took a nap on Friday, then give yourself a good handful of boo points. You KNOW that’s exactly what happened because, helloo-oo. Naps are beautiful things and should be treasured. Mmmmm, nap. Also going on at the boo house, and not quite so beautiful, was TheMan’s foiled romantic surprise. The surprise started out with the anticipation of some good husband/wife relations, what with a bottle of wine and two glasses all snuck in softly whilst I slept, but things pretty much went to pot after TheMan discovered the freshly deposited cat yark in the doorway. He was wearing socks. Can you say “ew”? Softly sneaking husband quickly became angry mush foot hoping husband, lights were set a-blazing, lungs were set to working, one wife woke up suddenly and with a mighty crank and two cats hid.

Why do cats need to puke right in the middle of things? Hrrmph. TheMan thinks it’s their new offence against the “Planning of the New Q Family”. After all, things are much less romantic if you have been suddenly woken up by the novaesque quality of the overhead light and an earful of angry husband, much less being said husband with a squidgy, unexpected case of puke foot.

Saturday, after the Great Puke Foot Incident of ’04 (which was really lesser in magnitude to The Midnight Hoarking of ’03) had died down, we set about doing Important Stuff. Important Stuff started with a lovely snooze in until 10 or 11. Or was it 11 or 12? Either way, Mmmm, sleep. We eventually got up, finished the final details to “Operation: Get Truck Roadworthy” and I headed out to pick up The Freezer Chest (of doom). I then swooped by Boston Market for some take away dinner, freezer chest happily nuzzled in the back of the truck, when the battery decided it had had enough. That’s all she wrote, right there in the Boston Market parking lot. In the rain. Both ways. Uphill. Oi. Fortunately, the alternator is still kicking (for now) because the tow guy was able to jump start the truck and it ran smoothly all the way home and for about a half hour more we let it run in the driveway. Alas, the truck is having nothing doing until it gets a new battery. Le sigh. Plus, the freezer chest was out in the rain (both ways uphill) for a good part of the afternoon so we had to let it dry Saturday instead of firing it up in anticipation of the great Sunday Shopping Gig.

There was no stocking of the new freezer chest, much to my immense sadness.

We did get to eat Boston Market and decided to veg the rest of the night. This included some serious beer drinking and equally serious SG-1 watching. Season Seven BabE! Somewhere in there I made cookies. Was that Friday? Saturday? Dunno, but they were cooked up and bagged, waiting to be placed in their yet to be spray painted cookie tin. We found a plain white quasi roundish one Friday and decided to decorate it like a pumpkin and perhaps send it out Saturday. It rained all night Friday and all day Saturday and let up just enough Sunday morning so that I got the tin painted and then rained some more. I suppose I should be glad for the small break in which I was able to set up outside and spray the beejeebus out of the cookie tin. It looks mighty pumpkin orange, it does.

Sunday, I gutted our pumpkins and roasted the seeds as well as made the plain round tin into a seasonal pumpkin tin. I rock. Oh, TheMan does too because he made the pumpkin face. OK, we both rock and my grandma will get her some Halloween fun later this week. Everybody rocks!

We did a little socializing with TheRck and Mssr. Gonkweasel and then headed out to DQ’s for some Farscape watching fun and crafts. I crocheted like a mad thing (and today my hands ache, but I about doubled what I had finished on the afghan I’m making. Whooo! Did I mention I rock?), TheMan painted, we all ate pumpkin seeds and life was good. Oh, and I had some cookies because not all of them fit in my grandma’s cookie tin. Heh!

I did not get to making any cut out cookies, although I did get more decorating stuffs for said cookies. I think I’m going to change up my plans a little anyway and make Halloween cookies for the party on Saturday and then bring in work cookies Tuesday (of a non Halloween nature). That way the work crowd isn’t over cookied and I get to make my Halloween cookies and the Tuesday Work Cookies. Whooo! I got all the laundry done (have I mention lately how much I rock? Because ALL THE LAUNDRY! DONE!) and TheMan had plenty of time to hack through dishes during the Great Truck Caper (thus, he earns the title of “Emperor of Supreme Rockitude”). He even sharpened the chipper blades despite the fact that it rained ALL WEEKEND and put the kibosh on all our out doorsey weekend plans. Grrrr.

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    hey those halloween cookies sound good, we always like tasty mail too,