Late but Posting!

Monday Monday Monday Monday! Which means I get to recapulate this weekend. Man I love Monday posts.

OK, not only do I remember what I did on Friday BUT it was really cool too. StalkerPatti invited me to a ‘Lady Food Bloggers’ group which sounded like a lot of fun. Basically, it’s a bunch of local(ish) women who blog about food (at least some of them do) and once a month(ish) they have a theme get together eats thing. Hmmm, go to an outing once a month where other people who like cooking bring stuff to eat? Sign me up! So I was and Friday was Oktoberfest soup and beer night. I’m not sure what up with the soup and beer and Oktoberfest but soup I can do.

Then I got to thinking. If it’s soup night, everyone’s going to be bringing savory dinnery soup. Was there such a thing as dessert soup? I asked my webfriend Google and indeed, there are several kinds of dessert soups out there. Thus, my contribution was Strawberry Soup. I nixed the poundcake croutons in favor of Pepperidge Farm Milanos but other than that, it was pretty fab. I’ll be posting the recipe later so you can look forward to some tasty sweet soup.

Back to the food ladies. Man, they can cook! There were about 7 different kinds of soup and all of them were tasty. A few of them also made dessert (harass StalkerPatti to post her brownie things recipe. To! Die! For! I’m going to have to think up a movie night theme where she has to bring those things over. The Horror of Caramel Brownie Island? Quick you bad movie makers, make me a Smithee worthy Brownie movie stat! There was also an apple pie that nobody cracked into by the later part of the night (because we were all filled up on SOUP) but I took one for the team and had a small slice. It really sucks to make something nice and have nobody crack into it at a get together like this. I won that encounter too because that pie was AWESOME!

And then I exploded.

Saturday I zoomed the zoom of zooming up to Mom and Mr. Paul’s house for “Kidnapping Stepdad for breakfast”. Sis and I do that every now but it’s been quite a while since the last time. About one Nefling’s worth of a while and hey! Guess who crashed the breakfast? Fat Nefling! We figured Mr. Paul won’t feel so outnumbered with another guy around and Fat Nefling hardly takes up any room. He is also quite the flirt, checking out the 1-2 year old set and giving them “the eyes”. Sadly, I did not bring the camera so you don’t get a pic of Fat Nefling charming the ladies. Trust me, that kid’s gonna have many a father stay up nights worrying.

(That would totally be an awesome ending to the planet mnemonic. OK planets, you have to find an actual planet planet after Neptune and we have to name it Wulfgar or something so John can stay up nights worrying. Get on it you celestial bodies!)

After breakfast with Mr. Paul, Sis and Nefling, we hung out at Mumses and then wandered home. I took a nap (‘course I did) and played no Warcraft. Whaaaaat? You heard me! I can’t remember what I did instead of Warcraft. I probably napped because of this cold thing I have/am getting. I know I did set the alarm for 2:30am and got up at 2:30am to exercise so I wouldn’t break my stride. Dedication! (after supreme procrastination and passing out due to beginnings/lingering of a cold) Still going strong with the working out!

Sunday I did nothing really. There was some Warcrafting and some gaming and some cranking. I think I’m headed in on another cold. Stoopid coworkers (and/or snotty Nefling, but that’s a really fast cold if it was indeed him).

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2 Responses to “Late but Posting!”

  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    I am saving your strawberry soup for a special occasion…probably some shitty ass night in January or something. It will definitely cheer me up cuz that was some awesome soup!

    The recipe is up on the MLFB blog–my much loved Brass Sisters rock. Next time you’re at my house I will show you the cookbook and you will see how much I use it! (Pages stuck together with drops of glop on them…like porn magazines but, uh, not….)

  2. Kevin Says:

    I wonder how her caramel brownie recipe compares to my (still comes out as soup more often than not) caramel brownie recipe.

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