Boo and Truck’s Excellent Adventure

Originally I was going to be closing on the condo today (yipee) but that’s been postponed. Again. Pfft, like we all didn’t see that coming. People, I have Zeno’s condo closing! I also had a doctor’s appointment the same day so I took it as a vacation day rather than hop in and out of work. Since I’m not closing but still doctoring and it’s a fan-freekin-tastic day I decided to keep it as a random vacation day. Behold!

First things first…well other than sleeping in (HA!), I zoomed over for a morning appointment where…

I spied this car chock full of frogs. HEE! Maybe they were going in for a frogectomy. I, on the other hand, was in and out in less that 20 minutes. WhoHA! Awesome start to the day no? Incidentally, as I was filling out a questionnaire the nurse came out of the back and said “Boo?” to which I was all “Wow, that was fast.” Then I noticed another lady getting up at the same time and she was a Boo too! Well not ‘Boo’ but seriously, I have run into maybe 15 people in my entire life who have my same name (5 who spell it the same way I do, thank you French Canadian Great Grandmother). This was the first time I’ve ever had to clarify which Boo I was.

I won the Boo-off BTW, probably because the second lady didn’t spell her name the correct way. *g*

Since I wasn’t condo closing, I had the whole day in front of me. I briefly contemplated getting out the buckets and sponge because my truck is filthy. I’m undecided about washing as I’m convinced the grime patina is now a protective layering that keeps my truck safe from harm.

The doctor’s office is so close to Great Harvest Bread Company that it was an easy decision to start the rest of my day by moseying over for bread and eats. MmmmMMmmm!

Since it was on the way home, I ran by Hua Xing for more snack foods. Oh the Junkies will be so PLEASED! Doubly so because Hua Xing didn’t take a lot of time out of my day and it was gorgeous out so I thought I could get a good deal of my snacks photographed too. If I wasn’t going to be cleaning off the armor filth plating of the truck I’d certainly have time to write up a couple reviews and possibly get current with the JSFR.

Wait, was that the sound of a couple die hard junkies passing out? Whoops, sorry. Next time I’ll try to remember to ease into that sort of thinking.

Next door to Hua Xing (and owned by the same people I believe) was this incredibly tacky red and green painted square block restaurant building called Chinese Buffet II. Seriously, it looked like a 2 year old painted a shoe box and they made that concept into a restaurant. Anyway, they tore it down last year sometime and have been building this as its replacement. Niiiiiice.

I wandered around taking some snaps at the little artsy things on the building when I saw an incredibly neat shot of an open doorway and the sun shining through the other side silhouetting some sort of dragon thing. I was all ANSEL MOMENT!!! until I got back home to process the pics and realized I caught a worker as well as my backlit dragon. Hrrrm.

I’m always amused by the Little Caesar’s pizza sign waving people but this fella put the pizza peeps to shame. He was working that sign, yo. While waiting for the light, he went from one corner, across the street, down a ways and back waving his sign with abandon.

I took an odd way back home so I could snap some pics of a building that recently burned down and lo! The Lady’s Library presented itself so picturesque I thought I’d take advantage of it. Sadly, someone plopped a One Way sign smack in the middle of my Ansel Moment. Grrr.

For a brief 2 weeks in 2000 I worked for a fly-by-night company that was based out of this building. Even back then that place was a death trap (the entire third floor was only half there…but not in a “This part of the building was never completed” kind of way. It was very much more “Watch your step very carefully or you might wind up on the second floor sans the help of the lift or stairs”). I quit after 2 weeks because I thought if I spent any more time with these people I’d be dead. When I worked there the place had a roof and, more or less, floors for each level but I can’t see where the fire has hurt it any more than severe neglect and stupidity over the years had. Yikes!


I thought I would buzz by the BadGardens (on account of my having picked up Great Harvest cookies and feeling the need to share the Great Harvest love) and snapped a pic of this air bobbly fella. They’ve had an air guy in that spot for quite a while but it’s been different colors here and there. I am assuming the white one came out as a seasonal air guy.

Arriving at the BadGardens, I was amused that I was still running on ‘mostly empty’. The truck has the strangest gas gauge. I can drive two blocks on a full tank and the needle will drop a whole quarter tank. Then it will hover on just about empty forEVER! I think I’ve driven in and around town on almost empty for months (which would be possibly 5-6 trips here and there). Also note the mileage (68K)…the truck is a ’96.

Slug Bug Orange!

No slugbacks.

The road all along the park was absolutely gorgeous with the trees and the leaves turning and everything. I was trying to snap a pic so you could see how the light was all golden orangy in the road on account of the awesome tree canopies but I’m not sure this pic does the pretty justice. It’s kind of a cool pic on its own though so here you go.


At this point in time Truck and I went our own Thursday afternoon ways. I took a swing around the yard to see what was up while Truck sat in the driveway thinking truck thoughts. Or whatever my truck does when I’m not driving it. Anyway, I went to check out the back garden and this little critter was sitting in the middle of my yard all “Hey! You! GET OFF MY LAWN!”

Excuse me…whose lawn again? Bold as brass he was because he’s been snacking on my garden. Little fucker.

The rest of the afternoon I vegged with the JSFR.

2008: I have no idea how he didn’t wind up squirrel paste but I know exactly how that would have worked in gaming.

2007: Too many pictures, not enough time to post.

2006: Plus I have to chase off the squirrels.

2005: JSFR: : Mikawaya Mochi (chocolate chocolate)

2004: I’m also planning on making Halloween cut out cookies some time this weekend to bring into work. Mostly because I have a cat cookie cutter I bought for no apparent reason other than I thought I might not have a cat and it was cute.

2003: Dress. Shoes. Vail. Check, check, check. Undies, well not so much. Hold on…there. All taken care of. I love the internet.

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