It’s Getting Harder To Think Up Titles

So lets see, there was the goose thing and the pumpkin thing and the truck go splody thing and now it’s Thursday. Huh!

I really don’t have a whole lot to say today other than I have had two of the most excellent meals ever these past two days. Tuesday we stopped out for some sushi eats at Yatsubo and Wednesday, TheMan made shells and sauce with lot’s o’ cheeses. Neither meal was the be all and end all of their particular meal species but for some freakish reason I was ALL about both of them being the BEST MEAL EVER! I think I was just in a very receptive mood and both meals were pretty top notch in their category. The two factors combined into this bizarre epiphanistic (new word!) experience of sushi and sgetti shells. Weird, but hey. I can dig having two of the Best Meals Ever right in a row. I’m anxious to see whether tonight’s dinner continues the trend. Yum!

TheMan and I are boring old farts and as such have been parking ourselves in front of the TV and watching us some Monk. Mark-Matt loaned us the first season of Monk and we are enjoying it immensely. Hee! Although I was a bit Monked out after the second episode yesterday so we watched some real TV. Oooo! We don’t really watch much real TV so when we do decide to watch live programming (errr…well non DVD watchings since a lot of stuff we catch is syndicated anyway. Law&Order rules, yo!) it’s sort of like a big deal. Kind of. Errr…ANYWAY! We caught the American “Whose Line Is It Anyway” last night and I hurt from laughing. Man, I was laughing so hard there was just this little wheezy sound coming out of my lungs. I laughed so hard my eyeballs squirted tears like a fire hose (and probably would have popped right on out if the show was longer than a half hour). I don’t think I have laughed that much at TV or a movie since seeing the “For The Birds” short in front of Monsters, Inc.

Every once in a while you have to laugh until your eyes are in danger of squirting out of your head. Thems some good times.

We also caught something called “The Top 100 Scary Movie Moments” or words similar to that. It was both interesting and incredibly annoying at the same time. The coolness factor was they had some pretty neat people they interviewed to talk about scary movie moments and some of the people were just entertaining to watch much less the hilarity that spouted from their mouths. Heh, FREAKS! So I did enjoy hearing from Bruce Cambell, Rob Reiner, these two whacked dudes from something I’m totally not familiar with, someone Del Toro who is a director and not Benicio (he was interesting), some make up artists and others. The presentation of the movies, however, was pretty poorly done. Most of the show went “Blah blah movie, really scary part, I used to pee my pants when I was little” and then they would show the part. That’s wasn’t too bad, but more than once they were talking about how scary a movie bit was and they never showed any of the movie in question. Maybe they couldn’t get the rights to show that movie but I was annoyed as a viewer hearing about Blah Blah movie scary and not getting to see it. Also, Terminator is not in my mind a horror flick but there it was number 60something on the list. There were a few oddball movies thrown in like that which I would have never considered “scary” movies.

I’m a sucker for those little bitlet show or movie programs. When I was little I was a bona fide “That’s Entertainment” junkie.

Right. Well, that’s my boring life. Sorry today is all about food and TV but somedays are just food and TV days. Stay tuned for this weekend (or the Monday recap!) since we have PLANS [cue reverb f/x] of much diversity. Maybe I’ll update on Halloween actually. Whooo. (or should that be “booooo”?)

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