Sleepy Hollow

It’s been a very weird day for the last working day before Halloween. We got in a little late because TheMan has him a case of the snurfles but in doing so (the late, not the snurfles) we got to see some pretty interesting light play between the rising sun, fog and the persistent damp from the rain this morning. Everything was bathed in this faint burnt golden light that brought the yellow of most of the tree leaves popping out. The grass was REALLY GREEN too. It was a particularly vibrant morning with a strange golden pinkish/salmonesque light quality. Totally the kind of light just waiting to be shattered by a blazing pumpkin wielding horseman dude. Pretty darned cool if you ask me!

To report on the dinner thing: Alas, it was not the BEST DINNER EVER for the third straight day in a row. However, we went to Whole Foos and I did not have to kill anybody. That in itself is quite the event. Not only that but I had forgotten, what with the exuberant prices and stupid parking and the stupid shopping rude people, that the employees are the nicest people ever. They are the BOMB I tell you. We went to the meat counter and talked to the meat counter guy about goose (see, look that. Closer to the goal) but alas again, no goose. He did say that they would most likely have it later on towards the Christmas season and then he came out from behind his counter to “show us where we would find goose when they did have it”. OK, how cool is that? He didn’t have to do that at all but there he was up and going above and beyond. Yay meat counter guy! He also gave us some tips on where we might find goose now. Double yay him.

We moseyed about, got some beer and grabbed some dinner munchables. I got a slice of pizza from a guy who looked eerily like a young Marky Mark and TheMan got a salmon wrap. We did not get any ghost pumpkins, much to my sadness. We did get a six or seven pack (can’t remember offhand) of cookie cutters that had several shapes I did not. This pleased me greatly, especially since I now own a reindeer, turkey (marking my first Thanksgiving cookie cutter), a moon, an apple, another pumpkin and the piece of resistance: a squirrel! There might be something else in the pack but hey, for five bucks I greatly increased my repertoire of cutting shapes. Of course I went right home and doodled about with my cookie cutter collection. Of course I did.

Tonight, I make cookie dough!

Maybe after a nap.

We again watched some TV and caught a movie called The 51st State. It’s got a whole pack of cool people in it and it’s pretty good to boot. Besides, Samuel Jackson spends most of the time wearing a kilt regimental. Hee! Oh, and of course he plays a bad ass because he’s Samuel Jackson. In a kilt! I’m not sure exactly how the movie started out because I was playing with my shiny cookie cutters but as far as I know, you can skip the first 20 minutes and not miss much. Plus, you get to organize your cookie cutters by holiday that way too. You know, because you can. Or something. Moving on.

Last night was not the best of sleeps for either Qs. TheMan was building himself a head cold and I was…errr…not exactly sure but it involved a weird state of being hyper aware of sounds and being dead to the world at the same time. And apparently it also included a freakish ability to snore the dead back to life. Things all started to go downhill after TheMan finished his evening tub soaking and thought to fix himself a bit of a martini. I woke up to TBANK TBANK TBANK and then again, TBANK TBANK TBANK as TheMan tried to stab the cocktail onions through the walls of the jar. I’ll swear that’s exactly what he was doing even if he denies it, why else would he take five years of TBANK TBANK TBANKing to pull out a couple of onions from a jar?

Anyway, after yelling at him to quit already with the onion excavation, I fell back asleep. This time, I woke up to SssssssssslUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUrp which was TheMan taking a 2 mL sip of martini. I yelled at him to quit with the vacuum slurping and again fell back to sleep. I woke up a third time with a cat dancing on my head pillow and TheMan having himself a good laugh. He says that I started this earth rattling snoring which totally freaked out the Little Kitty. She up and pounced on my head pillow because something under there was making this noise! Under the pillow! Here! Right where I’m dancing! Here! Here here here! Right here! Under here! See? Here!

There is not a lot of love for Little Kitty today.

My poor man wound up sleeping upstairs because he too snored the snore of waking the dead as he is getting a cold. Not that I’m getting the cold, or at least I don’t think I’m getting the cold but he is. Getting the cold. Or err…anyway, we were the house of not much fun sleep having last night. Moving on!

Today, in homage to it being the last work day before Halloween, I’m wearing a very cool pumpkin shirt and my jingly pumpkin earrings. The earrings possess The Shiny so you know I’m having a good day. DQ is wearing her “Dubya Skilled Worker’s” costume (a burger joint uniform) and another lady has nicely accessorized ghosti socks and a scarf but not too many other people are all festived up. Sadness. I did see someone at the medical campus in a full Scooby Doo outfit which made me giggle. Hee! Ach! Which reminds me; I have to find some tape for our costumes. Oh, and dig up some black gloves and socks too. Hmmm!

Oi! The weekend is already packing up with things and stuff. Badmovie and TheMan are going to be clipping Smithee movies for about five hours tomorrow and then there is Alessar’s parTAY and Rob’s parTAY, which I have to make cookies for, and then Sunday is the V&V game and the Handing Out of the Halloween goodies and WE DON’T HAVE OUR PUMPKINS CARVED YET!

I have to get some shopping in too, somewhere, plus I have two Projects to do while TheMan and Badmovie clip which would be great to get a start on. However, if I’m the only Q not editing, then I’m most likely the Q who will be shopping and costume constructing (there isn’t a whole lot to do, really, just tape some lines onto a shirts and sweatpants) and cookie making and whatever else we have to do. Besides, The Weirdoes messed up one of my projects and I do not want to go through 700+ 1KBWC and sort them again into piles of “ones that are in the data base” and “ones that need to be photographed”. It was a pain the first time around. There is not a lot of love for either Weirdo today. Grrr.

Anybody want two cats? I hear they taste great with ketchup.

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