Thursday Stole My Weekend Karma

Sometimes you come out on top of the nom-noms, sometimes the double catnip nom-noms win.

Have I mentioned this fucking cold I still have yet? Because I’m really tired of coughing and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up soon. Thursday was the beginning of operation evict the lungs bit by bit and I’m still at a stalemate. According to the swine flu peeps “list of swine flu check points” it looks like regular old head cold/flu more than hamthrax but that doesn’t mean I’m ecstatic about having a “productive” cough. Being asthmatic as well, 75% of my coughing is my lungs being all “gosh we’re awfully pissed off about being irritated, let’s get up in arms about it!” Then 25% of the time they realize that I actually have a reason for coughing and that would be to get the bits of sloshy goo at the bottom out. The result is that I’m coughing all the damn time but only a quarter of it is doing me any good.

You can imagine my joy.

Friday I braved the brew pub because Scott H was in town and I wanted to say hello since he stops up maybe 2-3 times a year. I apologize for giving him the plague if I did but it sure was fun to catch up.

Saturday I went in for my mystery doctor’s appointment and then zoomed home to pick up TheMan for the condo closing. The bank peeps didn’t have one of the documents right (the important “who pays who what” document) so I signed something but not that because they “assured me they would have it fixed by Sunday”. Yeah…not so much. I haven’t heard anything today about it either so we shall see. The up shot was…I almost don’t have a condo anymore. I think I signed the conversion papers but not the selling papers or something. Not sure, stay tuned for details as they unfold (or not).

Who saw this coming? Yeah, 20 boo points for all of you with your hands in the air.

TheMan and I stopped out for sushi anyway on account of being even closer to not owning that condo. Hey, it sounded good to us and frankly the sushi was the best part of the day. (Yes, sushi was even better than Warcraft, which we played some of).

Sunday my cold was in full blown pissy mood so I did nothing but sleep, cough, take meds and do nothing that I had planned because I WAS SICK! I am very tired of this cold. Have I mentioned that yet?

And now I’m going back to bed. Hate.

2008: Stoopid cold took your entry.

2007: 1600 miles takes a bit out of a person and I also think we might be coming down with some sort of winter cold.

2006: I didn’t have a ghost problem until they came and now bamn! Full blown shadowy apparition with creepy glowing eyes that threw shit at people.

2005: Either I pissed off the gods of electricity most egregiously in a former life or DTfuckinE is due for some walloping comeuppance because there is some down right Nasty going on.

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2003: See how insidious this cold is? SEE!

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