Aftermath and Premath

Or the eye of the storm I suppose. Right now, I’d just like to say OW my ACHING jaw as I chew the umpteenth million piece of Nerds filled gumball. Can. Not. Stop. Chewing! My jaw feels like it has been professionally pummeled but…GUMBALLS! They’re the big 1″ ones too plus, they are filled with Nerds. They are like tiny chewable maraca heads, definitely possessing much of the shiny! Shaka-shaka-rattle-CHEW!

This weekend, although again too short (because I appear to be doomed to have what feels like the 12 hour weekend) was chock full of cool things. As usual, I can not remember what happened Friday save I do believe I went to bed early. I remember TheMan staying up and perhaps geeking out (I think he wikkied his Smithee notes) after we got together all the Smithee stuff that needed to be gotten together. I was feeling a tad less than sprightly so I crashed early. I don’t think I caught much of TheMan’s cold but I was a-feelin low Friday night and on into Saturday morning.

So, no cookie dough was made and fridged Friday, which meant that Saturday was dough making and baking day. This wouldn’t have caused much trouble if I had 1. Pulled the frozen butter out of the freezer earlier than 7am Saturday or 2. Did a double check of my ingredients and discovered beforehand that I would be short flour, not mid mixing that I would be short flour and 3. Didn’t have the roaring headache of sinus doom. I didn’t, I hadn’t and I did so I gave up mid mixing, threw the whole short mixed kit and kaboodle in the fridge, took an Advil and crawled back into bed. This pushed our whole day back as I didn’t get out shopping until 1ish, back until after 3 or baking until 6. We missed Alessar’s parTAY but I got Halloween cookies baked and frosted by gum!

TheMan and badmovie got a good bit of Smithee clipping done and TheMan also put the finishing decorating details on my ghosties, pumpkins and cats. TheMan rocks the frosting piping, yo. His pumpkins were the best, but alas…no pictures. They tasted good though. Yum!

We caught Rob’s Halloween gig sometime after 9pm (and after the rerout of hellacious proportions due to triple overtime. Triple overtime? What? ARRRRGH!) and had some fab munchies and socializing. We even caught Randal of the 2 Ls a little after 1am (our time) over iChat with the iSight. Video cross continental conferencing! TheMan even took Rot2Ls on a wireless tour of Rob’s house. Hee. We talked for about a half hour, all the time hearing the sobbing cries of Ma Bell faintly in the background. She was much affronted missing out on a half hour’s phone charges to Japan. Plus, we had vid phone technology. WhoooHAH! We even sang a rousing chorus of “Pomp and Circumstance” to serenade Rot2L’s lonely computer when he went off to talk to his wife in the other room. Don’t ask…it seemed like the best thing to do at 1am and after a few (lots) beers. Here’s weird but also the Duh news: Seeing Rot2L’s window ablaze with sunlight while it was pitch black here. Heh. Cool, yet so very stupid.

Sunday I baked cookies again, but this time the Ghiridelli chocolate chip packaged cookie mix. Their brownies are the BOMB so I decided to try out the cookies as I was baking for badmovie. He is all about the chipwich and was intrigued by the notion that they could be home made so I told him I’d arrange for a demonstration. My thought on the Ghiridelli cookies are that they taste good, but are a pain in the ass to make since the only liquid is one stick of butter and one egg. They even mention on the package that you may end up hand (with your hands that is) mixing them to get them all spiffy right. I don’t mind getting down and dirty with the baking but I like to do it on my terms, not to be told by a package that I’ll most likely HAVE to be doing it. Grrr! They made excellent chipwich bases but the hand mixing isn’t worth it in my book. Meh. Everyone did seem pleased with them, though so there’s a plus.

Then, after the V&V game, it was the mad dash home because a certain household hadn’t yet gotten around to carving their pumpkins. I’m not going to mention any names but if you take a gander at the booniverse about a year ago you might find the same sort of thing happened back then as well. At least I’m getting the hang of the seven second Jack-o-lantern. We got carved and set up mostly in time and spent the rest of the night handing out goodies to the kiddies. This year we had leftover hacky sack like things with crazy faces or color schemes and some leftover Smithee skeletroopers to hand out (no skeletroopers to the 3 and under crowd, though!) and our supplies held out fabulously. I think we have maybe seven leftover troopers and possibly 15 sack fellas. Oh, and we had 54 kids. This makes the running tally from 2001: 50, 55, 33, 54. Just in case y’all were keeping track.

I also managed to conquer the Horde (whooo!) and put another few rows on my afghan. It’s looking mighty spiffy and afghani (heh) despite the few imperfections (re: screw ups) that I have discovered here and there. Fortunately, the person for whom this is intended is one of those cool nice people who wont give a rip about a couple missed stitches here or there because Hand Made! I like people like that. I’m also probably going to be arthritically crippled by this project when it’s finally done. Damn but crocheting is mesmerizing! Can. Not. Stop. The. Hooky. Thing!

Not much is planned for tonight except another round of baking and cookie decorating and NO GUM CHEWING OR CROCHETING! Other than that, it’s pretty lax at the Q house until Tuesday because VOTING! We have plans to hit the polls in the wee morning hours, then grab some take out Chinese after work and curl up on the couch for election results watching and some quality cuddling. Wine may very well be involved in a celebratory manner or as a sorrow drowner. Either way, I’m viewing the whole thing like camping out but at home. Hee!

I guess we really don’t get out much eh?

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