To Your Scattered Pages Go

The “Read Some Damned Books Initiative” is cooking along pretty good this year (on book 31!) as well as my continuing fascination with ordering the Grad to pull books for me. I love that, the Grad is my book minion! From the comfort of my computer, I can tell the Grad “This book? Fetch it for me.” The Grad always politely reminds me that it would be much faster if I went and got the book from the shelves myself, but if I’m willing to wait it will go out and procure said book for me. I’m always willing to wait and the Grad, being the governing library for all the other University Libraries, in turn gets to tell those libraries, “This book? Fetch it and bring it to me.” This beats the hell out of having to go to North Campus, believe you me.

I also keep a list of Hugo winners in my bag so when I feel like having the Grad do my bidding, I look up some authors and send out the call. This last time I got back a couple of Philip Jose Farmer books and the Hugo one…had seen much better days.

We do this sort of thing with fragile books, that is give them a more robust cover, but apparently this book was beyond that. It came in this neat home made (or Grad made rather) little binder like thing with a Tyvek pocket for the book to rest in.

Here’s the book outside of its little book garage. Notice the “First time in paperback” exclaimer. That would be a copyright date of 1971 for those of you who are curious. Also check out the price: 75 cents! Less than a dollar! I’m also digging the pulp Sci-fi cover art.

Opening the pages you can see the University Libraries stamp plus the fact that the cover has come unglued from the pages.

On the first page of the story there is this neat little legend penciled in:

Prof. Clark Gans
add if dup

I love little finds like this. That and the fact that the last stamp date for anyone checking this out is April 14, 1993. I’m pretty sure they went electronic after that but it’s also a neat little bit of history.

Finally, the reason for the little book garage and why we’ve been referring to this book as “To Your Scattered Pages Go”. It’s disintegrated into 15 or 20 parts and there is nothing anyone can do for this sad little book. Its pages are too brittle to send to the bindery, at least according to our bindery test, and it probably can’t be deacidified for much the same reasons. So someone made it a comfy little home where it can spend the rest of its days until it crumbles completely apart. Sniff.

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