Election Day Goodness


Way back when (about three weeks ago now) you may remember my bit o’ organizational madness which resulted in all the small appliances, save the toaster, living in the same place. The other result of the madness was that I cornered all my cookie cutters and cookie decorating stuffs into one big happy container. Of course, me being the freak that I am, I spent quite a bit of time getting reacquainted with my cookie cutters, which had been here and there and over yonder. I organized them by theme just to see what I had and lo! I came across a donkey. I don’t know exactly why I have a donkey and I don’t know exactly where the other creatures from this set, for the donkey had brother and sister cutters at one point in time, have gotten off to but apparently I own a donkey cookie cutter. Of course, I also own an elephant cookie cutter (but of course! She of several hundred elephants not have an elephant cookie cutter? Dream on!) and thus, an idea was hatched. Witness above in its full glory the plan that became [cue reverb f/x] Election Day Cookies.

There are an equal number of elephants and donkeys, for although the Q house favors one particular barnyard animal, we do not advocate pushing our candidate onto everyone and anyone we come into contact with. Voting is about being able to choose what you want, not having it chosen for you. Thus, we are fair in the offering of the cookie parties. We even offered trees for the green party. Err, well tree but at least they were represented. Now we have to decide how to interpret the munching results: Does the last cookie animal left indicate that that party lost or won? Incase you were wondering, donkeys are going with much more enthusiasm unless your philosophy is “We need to get rid of the republicans, therefore I’ll take an elephant!”

Speaking of Election Day…Go Vote! Exercise your right to have a say in our country’s leadership and all that rah rah vote stuff. No really, it’s good for you. I’ll even make you some cookies for your efforts (but not tonight, I’ve made cookies three straight days in a row, I’m taking a break). TheMan and I got up super extra evil early to get to the polls before they opened, say at the ungodly hour of 6 freaking 40 in the morning. Nothing should be up at 6 freaking 40 in the morning, especially me. BUT! We were voters 10 and 12 in our precinct (and we got to wait inside the building out of the rain. Bonus!). I was so mad at the chickey poo who got between TheMan and me and took my rightful 11 voter spot. That’s insane, that’s not even funny. I wanted to vote to 11! Hrrmph. Anyway, I’m rapidly passing “toast” and heading into new and interesting territory of “completely fried”. It’s kind of fun in a surreal WHEEEE sort of way.

And there are still hours to go before I can collapse into a puddle of over stimulated under slept boo. Hopefully it doesn’t happen in the middle of my Moo Goo Gai Pan.

I just looked at the calendar and saw that not only was today the 2nd but in a week it will be the 9th. In just one week, TheMan and I will be celebrating our first anniversary! *SQUEEE* To tell the truth, it seems like we have been married for more than just a year. It feels like five or some nice comfy number like that, maybe forever. Anyhow, I got all squee in the inside when I realized that one week from today will mark one entire year of mostly blissful matrimony. Mmmm! Oh, and we will also crack into that cake top which has taken up residence in our freezer. Mmmm!

Man, I need a nap.

Last year at the booniverse: I wonder if they released the rest of the dinners back into the wild once they figured out we weren’t going to order them? I forgot to ask.

2 Responses to “Election Day Goodness”

  1. 414 Says:

    Are the pink elephants a product of having too many blue donkeys the night before or suggestive of the headache ahead?

  2. boo Says:

    Well, the color is actually red, not pink. Or at least it was a red as I could get it with about three tablespoons of food coloring. I actually ran out of one of my tiny squeezy bottles of red and had to add an extra teaspoon of red from a second bottle. All that food coloring was making me nervous so I stopped with the additives when the color approached acceptable red for me. I think the pic is a tad washed out, they really were redder. I think the frosting wasn’t happy with being red for some reason.