Halloween 2009

I took this pic of our pumpkin trio and then when I pulled it onto my computer I noticed it was quite a bit blurry. I planned on reshooting it but the sick kicked into overdrive and things and stuff happened and the next thing you know it’s Halloween day. The pumpkins? Still not carved but thanks to the goddamned squirrels, bits of the rind were nommed off which caused extensive rot to set in. So yeah, no carving happened at the Q house but it was such a sucky Halloween that I’m leaving this pic up and calling it done. BAH!

Rob had his Halloween parTAY on the day this year so we hung out until just after 9pm handing out toys to the tots at the Q house. I never got my stuff in order with Oriental Trading Company, nor did I ever dig out the Halloween tub from the Tetris closet so the past few days I was keeping an eye out for cheap toys. Friday I scored 20 tubs of Play-Doh for a pittance and thought I made out big time. As time told, not so much…check out our numbers:

2001 = 50
2002 = 55
2003 = 33
2004 = 54
2005 = 55
2006 = 26
2007 = 37
2008 = 32
2009 = 10

TEN! Ten people came to our door, what’s THAT about? I have one whole package of Play-Doh unopened and 10 cans forlornly sitting on our side table. Most disappointing Halloween ever. Seriously, we could have just gone to Rob’s early and hung with the gang for all we did waiting for Trick or Treaters. Humbug on Halloween.

On the other hand, the paperwork for closing the condo sale finally came through late this week so come tomorrow I owe nobody nothing for that place. It took the buyer’s attorney constant calling since Monday and threatening legal action to get everything done but at least that’s a somewhat happy ending. Still, this year was big on tricks and not so generous with treats.

2008: You would think that a giant sized pumpkin would have oodles of pumpkin seeds but not so much.

2007: Happy Halloween all! We’re all set at the Q house for a night of spooky fun. We’ve got cheeses, wine, Ghost Hunters on the TV and a bowl full of toys for Trick-or-Treaters.

2006: Just as I was rounding the rocking chair hung with rejected strings of lights, the door opened and little costumed tykes started burbling into the house! Ahhhhh-HEY! What – NO TRICK OR TREATERS IN MY HOUSE! Get out you! And you too! Out!

2005: We did not get our pumpkins carved, which means tonight will be another episode of the seven second Jack-o-lantern.

2004: Just a bit of seasonal joy.


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  1. Sean K. Says:

    Sorry for your sickness, but Yay! for finally unloading your condo (you had it on the market for… a long time, as I recall).

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