Still *$&@($&!! Sick

Have a marigold bug, maybe the bright colors will keep you from getting the plague. Hrrmph.

Yeah, I’m down for the count again because this stupid cold will not quit. I have goo in my lungs which is pissing my asthma off something fierce and the two are duking it out for lung supremacy. Over all, I’m in a losing position and I’m grumpy. GRUMPY!

So what’s been going on, other than me coughing so hard I puke. Yeah, did that a couple times this weekend. Set fun meters to zero. Friday I did not cough either lung out but not for want of trying. TheMan was low with whatever bug he has so I soloed it to Friday morning breakfast with LunarGeography and Badmovie. LG wasn’t feeling so hot either so something’s making the rounds. Breakfast was, as always, delish.

At work we had a good-by parTAY for my secondary boss who is retiring. I did not bring a lunch because I figured I’d be snacking all day. And I did. In unrelated news I’m up a pound this week.

Heh. Actually I am but my trend line keeps ootching its way downward. I can live with that. I also broke a small milestone in weighing in: I’ve crossed over (or had until eating parTAY foodz) into the next lowest 10 pound increment. Baby steps, people, baby steps. I’m looking at each 10 pound loss as a reason to celebrate in some small way. I think I celebrated with parTAY food this time out.

Saturday was a giant waste of Halloween. I don’t want to talk about it, Halloween and I aren’t speaking anymore. Hrrmph.

Sunday I went to the official staff retirement party for secondary boss. The director of the Library hosted AND fixed up some awesome appetizers. I got the recipe for eggy-cheasy-hot pepper things. They were delicious and that wasn’t all she made! She had stuffed mushrooms, cheese poofs, some sort of filled bread thing, salmon mousse, fruit platters with 2 kinds of dip and various other things. If I was hosting there might be chips and salsa and possibly brownies. It was a fantastic fun time and I ate reasonably for all the delicious foods that were out. Later on DQ and I swung by Plum market to check it out. I may have gotten some more hard cheeses of old England.

What? Cheese!

The rest of Sunday was spent getting current on both the JSFR and the booniverse. Did you notice? I’m going to see if I can’t keep current for NaNoBloMe month but I’m not promising anything. I will post every day though so no matter when it gets posted there will be a lot more booniverse this month. There will also be a lot more recipes, double JSFRs, some Friday Fives and general picto-bloggery. My life is not so interesting that I can sustain a straight journal for 7 days a week.

OK, I have potato/bacon soup on the stove what needs attending. See you tomorrow!

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