Domestic Goddess

Now accepting worshipers at the newly scrubbed and organized altar of Cheeto.

This weekend is going down as the best weekend in recent history. I don’t remember them all so I can’t rate it as an over all thing but as of late (re: this whole entire year it seems) weekends have felt about thirteen and a half hours long while the work week has felt more like the work fortnight. Sometimes we are very busy and the weekend whooshes by with no time to relax, sometimes we is lazy and the weekend slips by and no chores that need to be attended to get done. This past weekend was a perfect mix and all I have to say is about time we got it right!

Friday (y’all were dying to get to the recap, I can feel it!) I…well wait, you guess what I did. No, go on. What? Did I hear you mutter nap? Ding! Ding! Ding! But ofCOURSE I napped. I don’t know what that’s about but Fridays lately have been me crashing until dinner and then recrashing for the rest of the night. CHEETO! Especially since TheMan usually makes dinner while I snooze and then brings it to me in bed. I am a very pampered boo. He doesn’t yet spoon feed me dinner though. Good? Bad? Hmmm!

Friday’s dinner was manicotti a la the back of the Prince noodle box and it was the best damn manicotti ever in the history of manicotti making. It was even better than chocolate and that’s saying something. We have extra noodles for the next time too because someone forgot that we already had noodles while someone else was faintly certain they had bought noodles the last time out. That someone listened to the other someone and when both someones got home with some newly purchased noodles and went to put them in the cupboard, whaddya know…noodles! We gots makins for quite a bit o’ manicotti we do. Of course, if it always comes out like Friday’s fest then I’m not complaining about anyone’s lack of brain cell rubbing skills; both the noticing awareness or the memory retention. Nope.

Saturday was Smithee Primary Prep day for TheMan and Badmovie. I tagged along with crocheting in tow and the rest of the 1kbwc that have not been photographed or entered into the database. While TheMan and Badmovie clipped, I drove the flatbed scanner and managed to get every single one of those damn cards scanned and digitally sucked into the computer. From here on out, no one is allowed to be so creative, MmmKay? That goes double for me because DAMN I have a raging case of 1kbwc diarrhea. I think I might be the creative force behind a third of that deck and there are about 10 different artists. Yeah, moving on now.

(but they are all scanned. Whoooo!)

Sunday was the day that earned me the Domestic Goddess title because, really, Friday and Saturday were sort of waste days. I slept Friday (tasty tasty sleep) and Saturday I spent close to 11 hours cooped up in an interior office scanning damned cards (and crocheting and I gotta say, that much time spent driving a crochet hook can not be all that good for a person. Fortunately, or maybe because my HANDS ACHED TOO MUCH, I stopped after about 8 hours of intermittent crocheting and goofed off on the internet) so going into Sunday nothing had been done housewise and TheMan was again going to be going into the office. Not me, however, I was a-twitching about all the dozens of things I wanted to get done so after he left, I pulled up my sleeves and got to work. I started with the Horde and managed to clear out most of the offending dish nomads plus a few added pots from downstairs. Plus, PLUS, I dried stuff off to make room for more newly washed dishes. I tell you, that’s motivation right there because drip drying is the epitome of Cheeto dish washing.

I also “roasted” a chicken in the sense of I followed the recipe given in the Joy of Cooking and even though it felt very truly not right, the Joy had spoken so I put the sacrificial chicken into the oven at a specified temperature of 400 degrees. Twenty eight minutes later, for the Joy did command that I roast the bird on one side for twenty five minutes plus three minutes for every pound after four and then roast the bird on the other side until the inside temperature did reach the holy 160 degrees, a rolling bluish haze of vaporized chicken smoke went rampaging through the house when I opened the oven to perform the sacred flipping. Thus, my instincts were spot on and then I did commit sacrilege upon the holy cooking of the bird and turned the oven down to 350. The chicken wasn’t burnt but it was mighty tough. Damn Joy.

However, the reason for the chicken and the pilgrimage to the basement to get the biggest pot I owned was that I had plans to make chicken stock! Plasma chicken makes excellent stock…errr…stock. At least that turned out well and we now have twelve quarts of tasty soup stock to play with over the winter months. Yum yum. Oh right, I made mashed potatoes in there too to go with the chicken and they came out just peachy and with the right amount of pepper no mater what somebody might think. ExACTly the right amount of pepper. I can’t help it if I like my taters with a bit of a bite. (Mmmm, taters).

In the middle of all this I was also doing laundry and I managed to get all but 2 sheets cleaned. Hey, I am not running the washer for just two sheets. Pffft!

But! It gets better because I took a break about 6ish and had a bit of a tubby soak and relaxation. I did some reading while lounging in the hot tub water and had some candles going for atmosphere but alas, I could not find any bubbles to complete the picture. I like bubbles. Sigh. Afterwards, I did a little foot and hand pampering (Avon has this fab kit for doing the whole exfoliate/smoothing/softing of the skin thing and if I could remember what it was called I’d tell y’all because ahhhhhh. Oh well) and then painted my toes a nice happy dark crimson color. Fresh, shiny and happy for the holidays. I thought about doing my fingernails too but there was still dishes, laundry and stock pot stuff to deal with so I did not get too girl geeky.

I did do another row of my crocheting project but I managed to restrain myself to just one row. Heh.

I’m not sure how I managed to find the right balance between work and play but for the first time in a long time it felt like the weekend was the right amount of hours. Bonus!

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