I Got My Shoes on My Feets

Check out my new shoes! Shiny!

Yeah, I’ve gone to closed toe shoes this time around because I’ve always been curious about them (in the Birk-esque flavoring that is) and it’s winter so my piggies get damned cold in sandals. Go figure. Plus, these aren’t Birks but Betulas which, as best as I can figure, are some sort of Birk approved Birk-a-like shoes. I think what it boils down to is that I will be laughed out of any respectable hippie gathering but I’ll also be able to afford 3 pairs of shoes to their one.

Truly. These Betulas cost me $40 while I got my Birks on sale for over $80 and they list for $120. As far as I can figure out, Betulas are maybe 95% of the shoe Birks are but so much cheaper you have to ask: Why bother?

I’ve oft chronicled my love/hate (HATE!) relationship with my Birks and the Betulas are not much better in that respect. Maybe they are trying to kill me a tad less but once a month is still more than I want my shoes to try and shuffle me off my mortal coil. The Betulas also hold up just about as well which means I can get perhaps a year’s worth of wear out of them before I have to start performing some home maintenance. I walk the ever lovin beegeebus out of the soles of my shoes so by the time a year rolls around I’ve ground off both heels and toes and the part right under where I place the weight of my foot is mighty thin.

You can see my home shoe improvement measures here. Duct tape actually works pretty well for keeping the rain from seeping through your shoes but a new pair does that much better.

Last week I broke through yet another spot on my shoes so I finally decided enough was enough. I needed new shoes! (And also duct tape is kinda slippery on smooth surfaces.) Sunday I ordered them, finally, and they arrived yesterday sometime. SQUEEE! They are also just as comfortable as the sandals, which are really darned comfy. Plus, with all the money I saved not getting Birks, I can get me a pair of sandals for the spring. Wootz0rz!

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2 Responses to “I Got My Shoes on My Feets”

  1. Bubbles Says:

    Betulas are a lower-priced Birkenstock brand, but they’re still from the same company. They have the same corky footbed part but use less fancy schmancy materials for the other parts. Where did you get them?

  2. Kevin Says:

    My sandals are Clarks. You have Betulas. We could stand together and be Betula-Clark!

    Okay, maybe it’s not that funny if you’ve had more than four hours of sleep. But on four, it’s great!

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