Cooking Mother Goose

I am traumatized by step two of goose preparation: Stick goose in pot of boiling water until it confesses its sins. Or one minute, whichever comes first. Do you know how greasy goose is? Holy COW! Joy of cooking said they were “famously fat” fowl but I was thinking maybe a layer of blubber under the skin or like bacon, riddled with fat but no. Goose is like elongated chicken (or squished turkey) that has been rubbed in Vaseline and then dipped in olive oil. Oh yeah, and there is a layer of blubber too. Glahhhh. It was so greasy I had a really hard time cutting the plastic bag off the bird because the knife kept slipping. At least we won’t have to worry about salmonella because there is no way the bacteria could possibly stay on any part of the goose.

The first step of goose preparation involves vigorously poking the goose all over with a skewer, which sort of goes hand in hand with dipping the bird in boiling water (but much more fun). We didn’t have a skewer, but we had fondue forks and I’d like to happily report that they worked just as well if not better than the recommended skewer. Besides, our forks are two pronged and look like teeny tiny barbed pitch forks (minus the middle tine), which again goes hand in hand with the whole goose inquisition motif.

Right now, the goose is drying out in our fridge, where it will continue on with the drying until Saturday, where upon it will be thrown into a hot oven and roasted. Heh, the imagery just keeps getting better. Pretty soon I’ll feel the need to put on some sort of religious robes and intone at the bird in a deep commanding voice that if the bird is willing to take Christ as its savior, all this torture shall stop.

I’m going straight to hell for that, I’m sure.

Anyway, the pricking and boiling is supposed to help with the ousting of the fat as well as give the goose a nice crispy oriental like skin. I’m assuming they mean oriental skin as in how Peking duck is prepared and not that the bird will suddenly undergo some sort of post mortem genetic mutation in which the pigmentation changes to a more Asiatic vein. Hopefully. Tomorrow I will at least know for sure.

Oh, by the way, if you hadn’t noticed I did post date Tuesday’s entry a tad. It’s this whole camera/day off/laziness thing but I did think about the post each and every day. Honest! Heh.

Which brings me nicely to TheMan’s and my fist anniversary. SQUEEEE! And also Uuuuuugh for we had the most fabulous dinner in the history of dinners (or at least the history of dinners this year) at our favorite haunt: Paesanno’s. Oh my. Oh OH my. I was so full I think my stomach popped, but then after it did I had more room so I ate some more! Yeah, most of the rest of the evening was spent Thanksgiving style where I was lying horizontally bemoaning (but also relishing in the memory of) the fantastic yet belly expanding richness of the food. I was so full I wasn’t even hungry for breakfast. Bruuuuurp. I got a cappuccino caddy as well so I was bouncy and extremely full at the same time. Oooooo. Needless to say, our plans for having our anniversary cake fell by the way side but we each ate a small sugar leaf form the decorations so technically, in the smallest bit of the term, we did have our anniversary cake.

We did have a real eating of the cake the next day for lunch, or maybe breakfast as it was our first meal of the day. At 1:00. Hmmm. The frosting was fairly freezer burnt but it managed to shield the cake so we had very tasty and moist frozen for a year spice cake. Yum yum. The other great thing we did was sleep in on Wednesday and that was the BOMB! I actually woke up at 6ish and tootled around getting the trash out and dinking on the computer but afterwards I went right back to bed and snoozed because I could. I even thought about all you poor working saps, smiled a great big “I’m sleeping in and it sucks to be y’all who are working today” smile and snuggled up with TheMan for some more quality sleep time. Righteous.

Let me take a break here and just vent about the damn trash initiative again. For those of you just tuning in, due to budget cuts and what not the custodial staff is now only taking the office trash and recycling out once a week. I’m not even going to get into the evil mutantly small “side saddle” trash cans for non-recyclables because today my beef is with the recycling (not that I can’t get into a whole tirade about the inconveniently downsized trash pockets). Ahem. ANYWAY, I’ve been a little confused about the recycle schedule since it sometimes is picked up on the same day as the trash (which isn’t the day they told us it was going to be picked up but rather an arbitrary other day which has, so far, remained consistently a Thursday thing for the moment), but occasionally on the weekends and sporadically not at all (for instance my recycle bin? Still full of paper this morning while my trash has been emptied). Also, our custodial person tends to forget about 10% of the trash and recycle cans on a regular basis anyway, but not the same 10% every time so come Friday, or whenever the cans are emptied, it’s always kind of interesting to see what has been missed, what has been gotten and what has been half done.

What is not at all interesting in the slightest is coming in to find a snarky little “Please don’t let the can get so full; there are extra bags at the bottom of the can” note left on the recycle bin that didn’t get emptied last week. Hey, those particular cans can get mighty heavy if they get filled with paper and I’m all for helping out on a particularly festive recycling day and bagging my own. However, this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed that this particular can has been overlooked and I agree, it does get heavy…when it’s not emptied for two weeks. Don’t be snarking at me because I am not doing your job, MmmmKay? I’ll start bagging your weekly recycling as soon as building maintenance starts signing my paycheck.

Alright, back to our regularly scheduled show. I just want to say that despite the fact that I highly disapprove of Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, I found the cutest, shiniest, multicolored jingle bells at K-Rogets. I’ll also have you know that I did not buy them either. It was a mighty struggle though because SHINY! Jingly. Shiny AND jingly and yet, I walked away. I think I may have partially redeemed myself for the whole bird inquisition thing. I did however, get a warm happy seasonal feeling when I got my Starbucks mocha in a festive holiday cup. Damn, lost all my redemption. Sigh.

I can’t help it, I’m gearing up for Christmas. We already have a couple of presents even and I’ve started thinking about organizing my Christmas list. Thanksgiving needs to hurry up and get here before I explode!

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