Friday Five 11-06-09

Here’s a random Friday Five of miscellaneous odds and ends.

1. NaNoBloMe. You may have noticed that I’ve posted for six (!) whole days in a row. On time. Yeah, this not post dating has me a little weirded out too but I thought I’d give it the old NaNoBloMe try. We’ll see how long I keep it up but 6 days of posting in a row and none of it postdated has GOT to be a record. As for NaNoWriMo…well it’s six days and I haven’t written anything so that probably isn’t going to happen. I’m not sure it ever was going to but maybe someday. I’m also sad that the local NaNoWriMo group meets at the Corner Brewery on Tuesdays. Tuesday is Raid Night…WAH! I’d rather be at the pub writing than on Warcraft raiding. I think that confession just cost me my Warcraft Nerd Points.

2. Exercise!. I finally figured out what I’m going to do for November. (Good grief, I almost typed October. I WISH!) I added some leg weight training and I think it’s time to up the Norditrack to 30 minutes. BTW, I’ve been going strong since July despite having teh sick – 128 days babE! Some of those days have been less than stellar in their overall energy because I’M SICK (wah) but they have been days. I almost blew it a couple of Mondays ago when I settled in to bed and was drifting off to sleep when suddenly ARRRGH! I haven’t worked out yet! ARRRGHH!!1!! I then got up and did it but it was a little spooky how “I’ve got to work out today” totally fell off the radar because my mind was sloshy sick.

3. Cooking. This NaNoBloMe is hard! Like, the “real” way where you have to post and everything every day on that day. Wah. I need filler! I need awesome recipes to try and then share with you all! I have the hot and spicy honey orange chicken (which we will be doing as a turkey) and then I have an interesting cookie recipe that I found on the back of the hot cocoa packets (hee) and TheMan mentioned making Hot and Sour soup but after that? I got nothing and I have two whole months of continuous posting to get through. Sing to me, o’ booniverse readers! Give me something to try out in the eats department!

4. Read Some Damned Books Initiative. The pieces parts that To Your Scattered Pages Go is in is hampering my reading quota. On the other hand, if I read no more books this year, 30 aint nothing to sneeze at. I have 2 more books from the Grad that are due back in early December though, I should get a crack on at least one of them as well as finish up Pages. I may have to renew the other book. The Grad will let me do that on-line too! OH! Speaking of the Grad, I got an e-mail asking for Perdido street Station back, which is pretty fair considering I’ve had it since August, so on my last book buying spree I picked up our own copy. LunarGeography is currently reading that, but not before bed. She has smarts!

5. I Want a Dog. Since the condo is no longer our financial concern (or any other concern of ours), the Q house pocket books can breathe a sigh of relief. TheMan also told me that he was really not keen on getting a dog while we were paying 2 mortgages -a philosophy I entirely agree with BTW. However, those days are now behind us and we can actually seriously start considering a dog or not. I want one certainly, but the house needs some major going through to get it ready for a dog and some mornings when it’s cold or rainy or both I lie there in bed thinking “If I had a dog, I’d have to go out in this. How much do I want a dog?” I dither, for while dogs are awesome in ways cats can never be (and vice versa of course), dogs are a huge jump in upkeep. My basic lazy nature rebels at the though of all the time one needs to spend with a dog that you don’t with a cat but man. Dogs are so awesome and I kinda miss having one. I shall ponder the dog question for a while yet I think.

2008: Maybe that’s how this particular recipe propagates?

2007: Apparently, badmovie has a ceiling cow at work.

2006: Oh you laugh but napping is an important thing to plan.

2005: I mean…it’s cold out there in the winter and a dog aint got no thumbs to let itself out you know?

2004: On the other hand, dogs is happy and warm and they really like you.

2003: Wednesday, when I get back, I’ll be boo Q. Hee.

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  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    If you want a dog, there are plenty waiting to be adopted at the shelter. They would love your home! 🙂

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