The Goose Has Landed

Hello all! Looks like it’s time for another weekly dose of recap so here it goes. Mmmm-Mmmm-manicotti, Buffy, whoops stuffing, unintended cat bath, goose, Ewwww, goose, GOOSE! Errr…Bacon frosting? Ummm…YUM bacon frosting…moving on, Beating up on Nazis, Why sun so bright?!?? Goose carcass, dishes, snoozy, 10 for 10, BEANS! and dinner.

Alright, now y’all are caught up. You’re welcome.

OK then, welcome to the expanded version of the weekend recap because I know y’all are wondering what up with elements eight and nine of the weekend recap list. All I have to say is yes, weirdly yum although I think I might have committed some sort of food transgression admitting that. But first, Friday.

We went over to DQ’s for some food and Buffy watching action. We brought the noodles (remember the extra manicotti noodles? Bing-o!) and sauce while DQ made the insides. Put them together and another FAAAAAAAAA-BULOUS manicotti dinner manifested. Then we ate it. Mmmm! We got through 3 episodes of Buffy before we all became toast but at least we got to the hyena pack episode. In itself it’s OK but it leads to one of my favorite lines of the series uttered by Principal Snyder: That’s the sort of liberal muzzy headed thinking that leads to being eaten. Heh. We only have 5 more episodes to watch and then it’s on to Season 2. Yay!

Saturday was the “Our Goose is Cooked” party so I wound up getting up early to make cornbread, which went in the stuffing which had to be made and baked before the goose, which had to go in by 3:30 in order for it to be done in time for the festivities. I got the stuffing made ahead of schedule, go me, but I also wound up sort of creating my own version of the stuffing by misreading the recipe. No big, unless you hate cooked egg in your stuffing. Interesting tip: If you mix the egg and milk in with the stuffing, you get sticky glommy stuffing. If you happen to pour the egg and milk over the stuffing, you get cooked egg on top of your stuffing and it is less glommy. However, enough goose bastings will stick it back together so all is well. With egg! Heh. The bonus to all this making and baking is that the stuffing, which makes seven metric tons of most delicious stuffingage, filled two casserole dishes. One dish I took to the parTAY and the other I put in the freezer for Thanksgiving. Wala! Two birds, one stone, my TGiving prep is DONE. whoot. I also got done in time to take a tubby with my new BUBBLES! and bath beads. Very nice, very relaxing.

Well, save for the part where my idiot Siamese cat jumped up onto my hand drying towel, despite numerous verbal warnings and splashing of the bathtub full of water, and then proceeded to lean into my scritching so hard that said towel shot out from under the cat’s feet. The towel landed in the tub and I have no idea how the cat did not because at one point in time 75% of the cat was hovering over the water. All I can think of is that cats have supernatural powers over bathtub water and can actually hover for short periods of time over the surface. There was an immense amount of splashing and quite a bit of cat yowling but after everything had settled there was nary a drop of moisture on the cat. Weird.

After the soak in the tub I got to cooking goose and discovered that goose produces an amazing amount of grease when you cook it despite the amazing amount of grease it leaked when I dunked it in boiling water Thursday. I’m beginning to believe that goose it the repository for all animal fat in the world. How to they even sit in the sun on the sun reflecting waters and not spontaneously ignite is beyond me. Although, that would be pretty funny (in a totally PETA friendly way of course) to be walking by a lake when suddenly *honk honk*…*BOOM*. Or even better, when they come in for a landing. FsssssssssssSPLASH…BOOM! Ok, moving on. We took the goose and all it’s greasy glory over to Donald’s where Bubbles, Badmovie, LunarGeography and DQ had assembled and we ate! There was goose, salad, cranberries (which weren’t too bad despite them not being jello-cranberries), broccolis, stuffing, pies and Cheese-its and graham crackers to put the bacon frosting on. Yup, Badmovie strikes again. He did not have time to make the cheddar cheesecake but he did make the frosting. It was…errr…distressingly tasty. It was a sort of savory sweet spread with what tasted like bacon bits (but it was real bacon) and it went fab with the Cheese-its. I don’t think I want to talk about this anymore, really. Subject change!

Since all of the V&V crowd made it to the Goose Party and two would not be able to make it to the regularly scheduled Sunday session, we finished the Nazi dimension arc (more or less) on Saturday. It takes a long time to vanquish super powered dimensional Nazis! We were up until 2am, but it was a fun 2am and we got a lot accomplished. I like gaming sessions where things are tough but they, more or less, turn out good in the end. Besides, we got to beat up on super human Nazis. How much more fun could you have? None I say, unless you involve bacon frosting.

Sunday came bright and early and why is it that the older I get the more it hurts to stay up late? Ugh, evil, evil bright ball of pain in the sky so hurty on my eyeballs. Ahhhhhh! That’s with blinds and under a pillow too. Ugh. I got up fairly early, considering, and decided to get some goose stock for soups going. This involved doing some dishes as the big pot was dirty but I needed to clear out the dishes in the sink first in order to wash the pot. And thus, I found myself arm deep in suds doing half the Horde because I wanted to put a pot of goose on to simmer while I went back to bed to snooze. I never did get to snoozing, sadly, but TheMan wandered out to check out the action and then fell asleep on the futon while I was chopping vegetables. The Little Kitty thought this was just swell so she curled up right with him and had her head resting on his leg in the most adorable fashion. I was going to take a picture of the two of them being all cute and snoozy but TheMan rolled over and the Little Kitty’s head fell off so that tableau was ruined. Foo.

Heh, OK the Little Kitty is fine, her head only fell off his leg but I liked the way that sentence read. Hee. I, unfortunately, was up so I headed out shopping. K-Roget’s ho! They are having the keenest sale ever and I bought another metric ton of sugar (10 four pound bags for $10. Whooo!), plus 10 cookie mixes (10 for 10!) and an ass load of beans (do they come in any other unit?) because they were on super sale. Plus, I made TheRCK’s bean salad to take over to Scott’s place Thursday. And TheMan likes making chili so BEANS!

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