Lazy Days and Nothin’ Happening

Greetings all you fun loving Bobs. How’s it going for y’all today? Things at the booniverse are fairly slow and the forecast isn’t offering up much change until the weekend. This is not so bad since mostly everything is rather mediocre in a pleasantly dull but easy going and completely mosey kind of way. In other words, no updating yesterday because it gives me more to write today. You know, I’m not feeling terribly coherent today so I think it’s time to pull a SAST.

First, Who loves the chocolate?.

TheMan and I had a screaming singing fight the other day because he obviously hates the chocolate and the chocolate is stuck in my head. I can’t help it, I love the chocolate. Have to; everybody loves the chocolate. Well, except for TheMan. He’s had Hats for Clowns stuck in his head so the two of us were upstairs bellowing our respective head songs at each other. I’m not sure what the point was, other than both of us really despised the other person’s song, but the end result was there were no kitties around for the next couple of hours. They are not so fond of dueling head tunes.

Monday night Kid’s class went smashingly. Literally at some times since we played a couple rounds of a bopper game which consisted of each sempi trying to bop a kid on the head and each kid trying to block said bopper. The rest of class, we split up into three groups (white belts, tags and yellow belts) and I got the middle group this session. They were refreshingly on top of things and needed very little correction. They even policed themselves a tad when I had to get one of the kids a band-aid for his bleedy toe. Usually when you leave the kids to do their own thing they will do one or two reps and then start to booger around. Monday? Nary the boogering. I like days when I’m actually teaching more than I am babysitting, Monday was totally one of those days. Plus, they got to play bopper elimination which they loved to death.

I’ve been Christmas shopping. Wheee! And also BAD BOO! I know that I’m opposed to Christmas before Thanksgiving. But! I have several people on my list already checked off, including TheMan (whom I just got a couple more gifts for. HA!). I have yet to go and get stocking stuffers for TheMan so he isn’t completely bought for but I have his main gift (and his side gift and his salad and soup gift and I’m sure by the time December is waning I’ll have a dessert gift as well. Can’t help it, I’m in love with the bloke). Stocking stuffers can get scary, especially since I usually go shopping at World Market and they have tons and TONS of super neat and cool things and whatnots that make perfect stuffers. I ought to just sign my December paycheck over to World Market. Of course I could just not go there but then where would I get my perfect stuffers? Maybe I’ll just buy TheMan a bigger stocking this year. Hee.

We did a little EQing last night and got the palafrog to 38. One more level until the frog gets her new spell set. Taaaasty. The Frog will get a new and more powerful res spell (always handy), a new circle of buffs and a group healing spell. Woot that! We played with Dirge and Shar, who are 42 already (WAH!), and it was a ton of fun. There was pretty much zippo risk of dying and a lot of fast and easy kills. I even piloted the frog around doing some pulling and did not get lost once. Shar showed off her new fun group fast feets spell (SoW) which I gotta say, is tres keen. OK, back to the non computer gaming mundane. Y’all can come back now.

Tonight, TheMan is staying late because the Smithee Primaries are this coming Saturday and he needs to do a little more prep. He’d have done it sooner but the powerbook up and died so he has been spending the past couple of days trying to resurrect it. Poor TheMan. If you see him on Saturday, give him some good drugs. Preferably anything in the valium family, I think he may just need it by then. Oi!

I haven’t been posting any fish cartoons, obviously, for NaNoWriMo Fish month even though that was the plan a while back. I haven’t even been writing anything much (other than this blog) despite my inner kid wanting to write a REALLY COOL STORY. Who wouldn’t love to write a REALLY COOL STORY and think “Yeah, that’s one REALLY COOL STORY” when they read what they’ve written but lately I can’t seem to think of anything to even start to write about. Same with the fish. I just have a profound lack of creative juice running in my veins. In fact, I have a vast current of uncreative juice making its own tidal river as it surges through my blood vessels. Hear that sucking sound? That’s my non-creativity coming up with plot arcs and believe you me, they are all pretty darned rank. Let’s just say I’m saving you all from a painful fish month this year.

The most creative I’ve managed to be is sitting my ass down in front of the TV and watching Law & Order. Not that it’s a bad show, cuz it rocks the Bump Bump, but someone’s already done the creatin’ and I’m just doing the absorbing. Eh, I’ll get my creative juice back at some point in time and then I’ll do fish or stories or something. Meanwhile Without a Trace, which we finally got to see Monday night, is pretty cool. I don’t know if I would continue to watch it but it did hold my interest.

OK, I’m tapped out. See yas all tomorrow most likely.

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