Today is My Friday…Still

NaNoBloMe is going to kill me yet! However, I persevere as I consider the fact that I’m posting the same day I’m up as still viable. Do the official NaNoBloMe rules say you can still post(date) something if you haven’t gone to bed yet? If not then they are blog Nazis because really. I’m making the effort here!

Oi. For the curious, it is currently 12:22am on Friday for reals but I’m taking today off so Thursday was my Friday. Sadly, it feels like today was Friday for reals due to that fun sense of time shift I do all the damn time. Monday was both Monday and Tuesday and I never got straight all week. Thursday? Totally felt like Friday and I feel cheated out of a 4 day work week. Why does that even happen? Did my caveman ancestors do an internal clock shift thing? I bet they totally had internal clocks that were spot on and over the years our reliance on mechanical time keeping has atrophied our internal time keeping organs.

You should hear the argument I came up with for alien abductions today. I think I tied in pirate downloading of music and aliens and it made sense. Sort of.

In other news it took the cats less than a week to puke up the bed. Why??!? We came home and there was puke dribble down the front of the cat bed and all over the new comforter. WHY??!? One of the furry little fuckers was sitting comfy IN! THE! CAT! BED! hanging their head over the edge so they could urp all over my new “quilted” comforter. ARRRGH!! Just…ARRRRRRHGGHGG! If NaNoBloMe doesn’t kill me those damned cats will cause an aneurysm so huge I’ll take out the entire city when it goes. POP!

Also in the “Giving me an aneurysm” files, IT has locked down the public printers so peeps will quit taking the paper. I’m all for theft deterrence in theory but the set up they’ve devised is…different than how I would have done it. The sites computer has these eyelet doohickies stuck on each paper tray and then a bar threaded through the holes and locked down. The public printers do not. Instead, they have a cable strung from one corner to the other with a zero tolerance give. Today I could not get the cable anywhere close to the lock no matter how I fiddled with it. It turns out that one of the wheels shifted and nudged the cable out of alignment which made it impossible to get locked back up. I am not this new security measure implementation’s biggest fan.

Friday, which is technically when I’m writing this, TheMan and I have a big date day planned. First we are sleeping in so all you working joes…HA HA! Then we’re going out to Paesanno’s for lunch and afterwards we’ll catch a matinee. We may play some Warcraft in the evening or perhaps find something else to do (candles were mentioned. OoooOOOooo!).

Alright, I’m going to bed. Take care all, I’ll see most of you on the flip side!

2008: If you want to conduct your own experiments and eat one still warm, one at room temp and one chilled don’t let me harsh your scientific bug.

2007: Have I developed super Bacon-fat ginger cookie smelling powers? That’s a tad disturbing, frankly.

2006: SAST Nothing.

2005: JSFR: Pin-gu

2004: Which brings me nicely to TheMan’s and my fist anniversary. SQUEEEE!

2003: That means I was at home AND signed in AND not NeoPetting (why does that sound kinky?).

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