Friday the 13th Picto Post 5(ish)

TheMan and I are on VACATION today so of course we slept in lazy. Sadly, our vacation began poorly last night with the discovery of cat puke on the new “quilt” and down the side of the cat bed. Both had to be washed, only one came out unscathed. Poor, poor cat bed. Poor, poor (stupid little puke-y furball) kitties with no place to snuggle up in. When I did a cat check around 1ish, I couldn’t find Vande anywhere until I thought to look in the sock drawer.

Do you know what’s awesome? HOUSEPANTS! I think these are actually pajama bottoms but whatever. When I get home I shuck the jeans and pop into my HOUSEPANTS because they are muey comfy. Isaak could care less, he’s still upset that I decommissioned the cat bed.

TheMan and I went out to Paesannos for a late lunch (I am so full) and then headed to the ‘mall’ to do some shopping. We picked up coffee, a new cat bed and then ended up at Border’s where I found a 75% off bouncy glittery ball with an eye in it…

An eye that LIGHTS UP! This is the best purchase ever! Bouncy, glittery, glowy, eyeball ball.

Winter gets dark really fast. This was taken around 5:30 at night when we are usually just halfway home. Yesterday it was too dark to take pics by the time we pulled into the driveway. I do not like this aspect of winter light.

It does make for some interesting shots though. The garden lights were looking particularly keen in the oncoming twilight.

The roses aren’t affected by either the change in light or the cold we’ve been having. Yesterday we had to scrape off the windshield but my roses? Could care less. Go roses!

Vande is disgruntledly sitting on the afghan while Isaak wonders what I’m going to do about the lack of kitty bed.

What’s this? A new bed? I AM SUSPICIOUS!

Vande is still disgruntled.

“Wow! If you sniff deep enough you can tell exactly where they made this new bed!”
“Really? Lemmie try.”

Vande compares sniffs: The new bed is to sleeping as Isaak is to…


2008: Mostly he picked this one up because his Warcraft Character’s name happens to also be Leyden and Gouda is also one of his cheese of choice.

2007: OH! TheMan took the AC out of the window yesterday so now the room is warmer and quieter.

2006: Sit me down and call me Susie, we didn’t play Warcraft in the morning. Huh.

2005: At the moment, there are no cats on the new cat bed.

2004: I suspect though, that once I post this and wander in for a nap, cats will manifest.

2003: I knew I’d be whiny and demanding and fidgety and generally a pain in the ass. I almost had to put the smack down on my own self it was that bad.

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