The Devil Copies at Noon

On an opening note: I hate my office location. I’m the next office over from the copiers and there is a GIANT window between the two offices. I feel like some sort of zoo exhibit because along with this HUMONGOUS 12 x 4 foot viewing hole between the offices, the powers that be decided that both copiers needed to butt up against the window wall. Damned copy bastards are in there all day copying their damned books and goggling at me with their eyeballs because they have NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN COPY AN ENTIRE ENCYCLOPEDIA SET, which is damned boring so they slack jaw my way for hours on end. Gah! Then THEN when something goes wrong with their precious 14,000 reams of copies do you want to know who they bother first?

Fuckin’ copy bastards.

The up side to work today is the boss…she is away.

Right then. For those of you not in the know, tomorrow is the Smithee Primaries. It’s not the grand show of delicious Smitheeness but rather TheMan and Badmovie’s clips they have gathered over the year. All of them. So unlike the A2 and Origins shows, the primaries may well have only 2 or 3 clips for some of the categories or as many as 12 for others. This small show mainly helps the guys hone the ballot and they usually take the top two or three picks to go on for contention in the grand Smithee Extravaganza. Of course, those of you attending tomorrow (7:00pm at the Union. We may be in the Wolverine room) will most likely see these clips again in the spring for the big show however those of you attending may also have the opportunity to snag some chocolate chip cookies. I have decided that chocolate chip cookies and Smithee primaries go hand in hand. Besides, I have tons of packaged cookie mix complements of K-Roget’s super sale.

The local forecast for cookies is 75%

BEANS! I made TheRCK’s bean salad recipe (in which I will take a moment in this small aside for the purposes of expounding upon the goodness and deliciousness of this salad. Damn but those are good beans! Mmmm! Tasty and Yum!) to take as a potluck dish to Scott’s house. He was having this soiree thang and invited all sorts of peoples over for general soireeness. The weird part is that he didn’t specify any particular dish to bring or not bring and when all was said and done we had quite the diverse stash of food. There was lasagna and this amazing teriyaki salmon dish as well as a pack of sides, of which the beans were included. There was also a rice dish, a squash soup, and veggies. Or would veggies be in hours d’ouvers? Well there were veggies regardless of their food category. There was also pumpkin bread and many assorted cheese and crackers. Dessert was covered too in the presence of a chocolate cake, chocolate and cinnamon apple stuff.

By the way, herb and chive Darby cheese is the BOMB on warm pumpkin bread. Is too, trust me. Besides, the cheese is green. Hee.

Damned ass copy bastards. They should have bought the book; it would have been cheaper. Gargh!

Well, that’s pretty much what’s been going on, other than TheMan’s new obsession with some software he has found. It lets you peek at your books, CDs or DVD’s bar code with some sort of camera thing (iSight in our case), then when it gets the barcode, it tootles on out to Amazon and grabs the title of said object. It might create a database or list or something or other with this information. I don’t know for sure but he will no doubt post about it. Anyway, the evening was permeated with *beep* object not found or *beep* Stargate: Core rules book (or whatever he was scanning) said in a feminine computer voice. This morning as well there were *beep*s going on. My husband is in geek heaven with this new toy.

Hey, we will at least get our entire substantial collection of bar coded material organized. Can’t beat that no?

Last year at the booniverse: Was out smacking some copy bastards and not updating. Evidentially I wasn’t smacking hard enough!

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