Baby Smithees, Baby D, Baby Headcold

Sorry in advance for today’s entry and yeah, I know I am overdue for a JSFR. I have one in the works, I just have to (again) sit down and write it. Oh, and I think we need to get a pic too. Not sure on that, but there were quite a lot of Guinea pigs who “volunteered” to test the new JSFR so at the very least you can be happy in a wide testing base. Or something. Moving on!

Can you say “Whoot, 3 day work week”? Can you also say “Will this day NEVER end”? Yeah, it’s going to be one of those short weeks, I can feel it. To add insult, TheMan picked up a mighty head cold this weekend and is currently a miserable, snotty lump of cranky TheMan. I’m a-fearing the tickle in my own throat and the achy sinuses are the harbinger of my cold doom so Thanksgiving might be a whole bunch of germy fun. Ugh.

This weekend we did absolutely no housework. Le sigh. Friday night I came home and crashed (felt pretty good catching up on sleep!) while TheMan did the final prep for the mini-Smithee Primaries. Then TheMan stressed, and stressed some more until sometime after 2ish in the morning, possibly 3am, when he wandered into bed. That boy can get himself worked up. He also got himself a cold so when Saturday rolled around he was stressed, grumpy and potentially losing his voice. Fortunately, a huge black forest mocha, a hot Subway sub and some cookies staved off the evil cold for a while.

The Baby Smithees were a hit! We had 25 people, which is our biggest crowd for the pre-Smithee ballot honing, and I got to count ballots. I don’t mind the ballot ninjaing but sometimes a boo wants to count, you know? Anyway, Badmovie gave up his official counter status so I could do the tabulating and LunarGeography did the ballot bimboing and everyone got to watch bad clips. Hoorah? I did wind up ballot collecting for the last couple rows only because I was loafing near them waiting for the rest of the ballots to wander down to me. With that few people, the counter can afford to wander. My kind of job! We, of course, went out to Pizza House afterwards and grabbed some food. Yum.

Oh, and a tiny shout out to Scott who did the sound teching. Shout.

Compared to the A2 show and the bigger Origins show, the mini-Smithee-Baby-Primaries are a walk in the park to put on. We really need to decide on a name for the fall ballot honing show, that was mighty cumbersome.

Ooo! I also talked to the Smithee two and got an OK for the ’05 Stupidest Looking Monster. Easiest. Sock. Puppet. Ever. Y’all are going to have to come to the Spring show to see it though. Heh!

Sunday we were on Baby D wrangling duty but TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel did not have enough players for their LARP. So, we were drafted! Hoorah! Well, sort of Hoorah. I was all in Baby D wrangling mode and not gaming mode and I don’t think I ever really got into the whole LARP. Meh! I did have fun playing with Baby D occasionally (Oh! Heh. We all kept an eye on her so she wouldn’t go cruising off and the LARP was held in a fairly enclosed area so there wasn’t a whole lot of space where she could run. Just thought I’d mention that as it seems like we just ignored Baby D and let her go play with knives on the roof or something), and Baby D had an immense amount of fun playing with parts of my character. I had to hunt down my body card several times during the game after she had absconded with it.

TheMan was full blown into nasty head cold territory by the time we settled home so he went up to have a hot tubby soak and I went to sleep. Fun times, I tell ya. BAH! Cold. HATE!

OH! Incase you wondered, yesterday was TheMan’s second blog-a-versary. Happy bloog-a-versary (and one day) TheMan!

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