In the middle of our long weekend we put on the MiniSmithees plus a brand new event!

I’m not sure why I make these awesome plans and then they completely fall apart. I was going to do this and that and everything well before I had to be ready to run Schlock: The Smithee Card Game at noon. However, as usual I was running around like a headless chicken right up to departure time. We even had to go to the Dollar Store to pick up more pens because someone remembered too late the night before that they had stuffed all the available pens into ballot packs. Whoops. On the other hand, the Smithee Awards always needs pens.

We packed up and moved out with enough time to chill for a bit. Then it was Show Time! Sadly, we only had one person sign up so LunarGeography and I sat in and played with him.

Game on!

Our only ticket holder hard at work writing up his cover copy.

We ran an abbreviated Schlock that went for a short 2.5 hours then went in search for lunch. I thought we might get some walking in if we went for Hosin Chicken over at Eastern Accents and LG agreed that we did need to move our ample hinders. Hosin Chicken was, as usual, delicious but the best part of the trip was discovering that Eastern Accents is really close to the Cupcake station. So much for the walk.

We still had quite a lot of time to kill before the rest of the Smithee crew made it in for the show so LG and I hung in the dealer’s room with the game drive peeps. They were collecting game donations for homeless kids and by all accounts did really well. Soon enough it was show time and we did our Smithee thing.

Stalker Ty made it up from Ohio! He’s hard core.

Clips were watched, votes were tallied, winners were announced and all too soon we were over and done with the 2009 UCon Smithees. Then it was time for the traditional Booz and Food. Yum!

2008: JSFR: Assi Coffee Candy

2007: Isaak thinks maybe we shouldn’t have so much vacation because it’s eating into his “loafing about the house while the cat parents are gone” time.

2006: On vacation and not updating any more than I have to.

2005: I put the flannel sheets on the bed last night gearing up for winter and oh! They are so cozy, all warm and soft and cocoon like. Mmmmm, cozy.

2004: Too full of mini cupcakes to write.

2003: No excuses here, just laziness.

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