Frightful Weather, Delightful Holiday

Heh, guess what I didn’t do yesterday? 2 boo points if you said “posted”. Only 2 boo points, though, because by now y’all know I have a thing with Tuesdays and posting. Or would that be a not thing with Tuesday and posting? Anyhow it wasn’t for lack of wanting to post as I have very little to do the week of Thanksgiving, but rather I got into a project for most of the day yesterday and the next thing I know, it’s past time to go home. Even lamer: The project was cleaning out my e-mail. I discarded 1059 messages because I am too lazy to delete messages like “Let’s meet on the 14th!”, “OK”, “I can’t make it then”, “How’s the 15th?”, “Better”, “OK”, “Fine”, “Alright, the 15th it is!”. All for a meeting that has come and gone. That’s what, 8 messages sitting in my meeting in box boogering around? Yeah. So yesterday I spent maybe 6 hours search and destroying these e-mails once and for all.

I seem to have a totally lame work life as well. Meh.

Tomorrow we are going to mosey on up to mumses and have us a Thanksgiving dinner that can’t be beat. The plan is extremely cazh, we are supposed to arrive at 3:30ish with a dish in hand and the food will be served…sometime after. TheMan and I are on stuffing detail and since the stuffing was already made and frozen two weeks ago, we have zero prep for tomorrow. Sahweet! We might bring some wine I found (Electric Reindeer – don’t know if it’s good but the name amused me) at World Market, we will definitely bring some JSFR to try. Oh yes, there will be people there and I WILL subject them to JSFR. Muahahaha! I also bought (on sale! Whee!) some DeeeeLUX caramel thing-it ice cream (vanilla base, caramel swirl and caramel cup pieces) which I thought would be the BOMB with the apple pie. DQ is bringing pie. Mmmmm, pie!

When come back, bring pie.

TheMan is getting over his cold, or the meds have created enough of a medicine fog that he appears to be getting over his cold. Either way, he is a happier camper than he was yesterday by far. Yowtch yesterday, whoot today. As of this blog entry, I have not yet acquired said cold although I have been muzzy headed since about late Sunday night. My theory is that I’m getting a 10% cold over a couple week’s time rather than the full blown cold for three or four days. We shall see if that theory holds any water.

Looks like this is rapidly becoming another SAST post, so in keeping with the idea here’s a bit of fun from this morning: I have no socks! At least I have no ankle socks but I knew this last night and addressed the situation as such; since the weather forecast was for snow I decided to wear a pair of my fuzzy socks and not bother at all with ankle soces. This way, I’d have socks and not have to do a load of wash. Lazy is as lazy does. I also decided to put away the basket of clean laundry this morning and lo! Two pairs of clean ankle socks. I was already in fuzzy sock mode so I just left the sock drawer open while I folded all the clothes. Guess who found the open sock drawer? And since there were no ankle socks in the ankle sock section of the sock drawer, there was a Vande sized space all primed and waiting. That cat loves her some boxes (a category to which a sock drawer vaguely belongs if the whole notion of box is ‘someplace enclosed to sit’. The bath tub also fits the definition as does a laundry basket) and was clam happy nesting in my sock drawer. She stayed there for most of the morning as we got ready and had to be physically extracted with the bribe of the empty laundry basket. She also managed to shuffle my other socks into a more suitable cushion like arrangement, thereby totally unorganizing them in the effort.

Wish I had taken a pic, she was the avatar of cute.

My anniversary present came yesterday! *squeee* TheMan was home (sick, did I mention he was sick? Did I mention that when he gets sick he gets cranky?) for the delivery guy so when I came home I had a present! TheMan did all his computer wizardry until I had a working iSight hook up (oh! The present was an iSight. Don’t know if I mentioned that earlier and I’m too lazy to go through the posts and see) and we spent the evening Delicious Librarying our books, DVDs and CDs. We is geeks. I’m looking forward to seeing if I can get iChat up with a photo thingit going. Technical terminology.

Other than that, we made soup from one of the frozen tuppers of chicken stock (needed salt, but not bad otherwise) and went to bed early again. This cold thing is sucking out what little interest and fun we used to have in our life. Feh! The weather ain’t helping either. It’s too warm for snow but too cold for the rain that is coming down to be pleasant. That is, unless your idea of pleasant is “really, frigid, freaking cold and bone chilling”. Brrrr.

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