Well that was an interesting experiment but now the pressure is off to update every day on time. 16 solid days ain’t bad.

I probably should do a weekend recap or something or at least follow up with the bits that weren’t dinner, fighting catbed cats and the MiniSmithees. Lemmie see if I can dredge it all up.

Bah, I am low on brain power so here’s a SAST of some points which may or may not be relevant.

1. I picked up a furminator along with the new cat bed (which they are liking but are also getting in snits about every now and then. Cats are weirdoes) and every once in a while spend about 5 minutes attacking the Vande-cat. The packaging says that a typical de-furring session should be about 15 minutes but after 5 I’ve got enough fur to make a smallish kitten. 15 minutes and I’d have a bald kitty! I’m not sure if Vande is digging the furminator or if she’s tolerating the furminator. She does occasionally try to give the furminator a bath but I’m not sure where that falls in the cat like/dislike box.

2. Monday we had a House Cooling party over at the BadGardens. We figured that if you bought a house and then had a house warming party than it stands to reason that if you sold a house you would have a house cooling party. And so we did. We also like to party so there is that. Anyway, back in August, when I was supposed to have gone through the condo-sale thing, I bought a rabbit for to celebrate shedding the damned condo. Monday we cooked that sucker up (using the apple bacon wrapped chicken recipe from a ways back). We all decided that we did indeed like rabbit but TheMan would prefer it prepped differently because it was a thinky piece of meat to carve. We threw carrots and taters in the bottom of the pan and again, the veggies were divine. There might be enough bones to do a limited run rabbit stock too which…yum!

3. I also made some hot cocoa cookies from the recipe on the box. They were less than stellar but I’ll post the recipe anyway.

4. While I blew off NaNoBloMe today (Pooooost dating!) I did not blow off working out. 139 consecutive days! Sadly, I’ve decided that I’m over my cold so no more working out easy like, which makes me want to go downstairs and work out even less. Any day now that huge rush of exercising awesome can come blowing into my life. Yup. Because I’m not going anywhere. Preeeety easy to find. You know, if you are a giant rush of awesome from exercising every day. Just waiting. Over here. And exercising.

5. I’ve come to the conclusion that crazy exercise people are nutters or on drugs. Do you know who else is nutters? People who have those Santas praying over a baby Jesus in a manger. Although it gives me an idea of making a garden piece that is some aliens doing some scientific experiments on a Santa praying over a baby Jesus manger. Too much?

2008: See, the reason the penguins were so pissed off is that we killed a bunch of turkeys.

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2004: TheMan and I had a screaming singing fight the other day because he obviously hates the chocolate and the chocolate is stuck in my head.

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