A Thanksgiving Dinner That Couldn’t Be Beat

Hello from Turkey Day or there abouts (shhhhh! I know I’m back posting but let’s pretend that this was up on actual Turkey day because I really meant to post it then. Honest!). OK, so the plan was to mosey up to the mumses about 3:30ish but Wednesday evening the sky crapped all over the place and the roads were slickety slick so early Thursday afternoon we headed out a tad bit earlier than we would have in order to arrive at a nice 3:30ish. Let’s just say that we were very fashionably early and that the roads were pretty smooth from here to there. We were greeted by an enthusiastic Lucy and an appreciative Charlie when my mumses opened the door. Lucy showed us her utter delight in seeing us again by peeing all over the place. What is it with Mr. Paul’s dogs and the celebratory foot peeing?

(What…me? You can’t possibly be talking about me!)

The official meeting christening over with, we trooped inside for funs and kitchen tetris. Fortunately, the bird was to be deep fried so we only had to jockey the stuffing, rolls, green bean almandine, squash and taters in the two ovens. Believe it or not, they all fit and none of the casserole dishes were particularly svelte either. My mumses can arrange a mean oven. Mumses also wins the award this year for best new experimental dish with her brandy orange squash cube dish (which puts her back in the running for overall experimental cook of the larger timeframe after the shall not be hereafter referred to ever again horseradish potato incident of ’02). Zee squash was a verra Mmmmm! I made my cornbread stuffing for the 9th year running (which gives me a nice solid nomination for “boring but consistent” cook of the larger timeframe) and DQ brought the pies (Mmmmm, pie); 2 pumpkin and one apple cream dutch something or other. Mmmm, pies! DQ picked up the best new cook award for the pies because all three were tasty and yes, there were two different kinds of pumpkin pie. Maybe DQ should win best improvisational cook award too because she ran out of condensed milk while mixing the second pie and quick flipped in some sour cream substitute. It was a resounding success!

Mr. Paul’s folks showed up with relish in tow (but I did not have any because I can not abide by cranberry relish if it does not jiggle like jell-o and have can lines on it still. No can lines, no relish!) and then sis and husband showed up with the salad. Chicken salad to be precise. Sis and husband get the “How many forms of fowl can we eat in one day” award. DQ showed up after getting lost a bit, we all gabbered for a while, and then a while more, and then some more and wala! About 5ish the bird was done and we finally sat down to eat. What a bird too! Deep fried turkey is the BOMB (even mangy looking deep fry turkey, which is what you get when you turn your back on the bird for two seconds and my mumses and brother in law are anywhere in the same room. Like hyenas! Those two got the tag team hyena turkey skin steeling award by a long shot. There were no runners up). I think I will nominate Mr. Paul for the “best bird cook” award and the “cook with the most patience as his guests destroy the beauty that is his perfect bird by trying to eat all the skin off of it before it goes to the table” award.

Everything was taaaasty, even the unrolls (think crescent rolls that had time to do a little relaxing in the oven before they were baked into shape. Still good though). I’m going to nominate Mr. Paul’s folks for the “most patient to wait for a conversational opening as the rest of us all butt our blabbering opinions into the conversation” award because damn! Those two are polite. It aint gonna get them any face time in our house though. No! You got to be a conversational shark in order to get your thinks said.

After dinner was the traditional drinks and coffee. Mmmm, drinks and coffee. I think that’s the best part of the evening. We gabbered some more, played a game my sis brought (and we got prizes!) and finally packed it in about 9ish, maybe 10. It felt like 2 in the morning though, it gets really dark soon these days.

I leave you with the obligatory cute puppy shots. This week’s lessons were shake and roll over. That magic weenie finger works wonders!

Do YOU have the Magic Weenie Fingers?

No Magic Weenie Fingers? Bored now.

WHOOO! The Magic Weenie Fingers! I’ll do anything for you! Just let me work on this a bit…

Roll over! YAY Magic Weenie Fingers!

Two tricks is a lot to learn in one day

but not so much that I can’t come back for more Magic Weenie Fingers!

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