Roy G. Biv

My mom noticed that I was a bit behind in posting and when my mom comments on the frequency of my posting I know I’ve let things drag a bit. So here’s a picture meme I just made up (it’s actually Sunday if anyone is curious) which I think I might continue because it amuses me and takes up posting space. HA!

I feel kinda sad for this pillow. I got it as a wedding present, I think, from Lisa who I used to work with a long time ago and I have to say that this is the coolest pillow I own. It’s got the shiny and the satin-y and the gold embroidered Chinese characters and aaaaawesoooome. It’s also the perfect size and shape to wedge into the space between the arm and seat which is where it always winds up. Then I toss some other couch pillows on top of it and the shiny gets buried.

Orange pumpkin lights that never made it into pumpkins this year on account of we didn’t carve our poor pumpkins. I’ll have to put them with the other Halloween things that I never got out when I wade into the Tetris Closet to get out the Christmas decorations.

My yellow Smithee bag! Is there anything that this bag can’t carry? Well…yes probably lots of things but all the things I need in a day to day bag capacity can be plopped into the Smithee bag and it still has room for the more exotic things. My bag also needs a wash, which I forgot about until we ran the MiniSmithees.

Green sheets! It’s not quite flannel sheet time, although it is getting close, so I’m still working with the regular sheets. I don’t know why but I prefer the saturated color sheets. This green makes me happy and the dark red ones we have also make me happy. The bone colored sheets are OK but not as cool. I think they are all about the same thread count so something about the solid color tickles my bed bone. Sadly, when we put these on we discovered that the elastic has finally gone so this will be these sheet’s last hurrah. Then I’ll wash them up and give them to MomQ for quilt stuff so the green awesome will live on.

Yes, that is a very hungry stuffed caterpillar.

Planet Blue (team planet blue?) is going around to all the buildings or units or whatever and doing their planet blue spiel so I went and checked them out. It was pretty darned cool; they had all sorts of stats and whatnot about our building and I found out a lot of cool stuff. I also got a free T-shirt and this bottle plus they catered the event. Mmmm, turkey chili.

Indigo is a hard color to come up with. I think of it as a blue purple while violet seems like a red purple but then I wonder where purple purple goes. Hmmm. Anyway, these lids are sort of bluish purpley and they also got a style redesign so none of the new lids fit my old containers. I hate that. WHY!!!! I’m considering junking the whole lot of them and starting fresh because there is nothing I hate more than having a tupper bottom and trying to fingure out which tupper top is supposed to fit it. I also still need to do dishes, hence the background.

My new violet Muppet skin socks! I haven’t washed them yet but my predictions are that they will be warm and very slippery. We shall see.

2008: Sadly, my boss decided that the two awesome mouse pads needed to go out at the desk so this boo did not get a shiny! mouse pad of infinite fishiness.

2007: Hey! I’ve discovered day for night digital photography!

2006: Poor gnommie fell through the game for a good 20 seconds before fetching up against nothing and dying.

2005: Yellow took a vacation, no post today.

2004: The Roy G Biv of not updating.

2003: The rule at the boo house was you had to try some of everything and that included the nasty oyster stuffing and rutabaga. Man, the two worst things in the world in one meal.

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  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    I love this post. Roy G. Biv is such an awesome thing–the kids loved it when I taught it last year. We had trouble remembering indigo, but otherwise it worked well.

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