Here’s a Story

Of a lovely weekend
and playing way too much DiabloII.
It was four days
of doing nothing,
the way a vacation ought to be.

OK! So we had us some TGiving time off from work and damn was it not the BOMB! Of course any day I’m not working is the BOMB, even when I’m puking sick because I’m not at work. We had pinned some hopes on the dumb ass modem actually working so we could get in some quality EQ playing, but it is hopelessly fubared and will not quit with the restarting shit. Fucking modem. We launched our alts (Lizard necro/monk team) and every half hour we’d hear a soft demonic *click* and soon after the mobs would start acting funky and then the black window of disconnected death. Of course we never did die because the Necro pet rocks but we didn’t get any EXP for the disconnected times when Jobaber was going to town on the critters. We were hoping to play our mains, but not with the threat of that sort of disconnection death. “YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED” is truly a bad thing for the Palafrog and Enchanter because the Palafrog is the main damage dealer. If the frog ain’t fightin, the two are dying and the frog don’t fight during Black Screen of Death. We quit after two hours of modem reset stupidity and went on to DiabloII.

We got a lot of DiabloII playing in. A lot. Enough so that I leveled my sorceress from 10 to 19, my Paladin from 51 to 53 and my Necro from 31 to 35. Or 34, maybe 33…I can’t remember. The point of the whole Necro foray was to get most of the Horograth Level completed and get him to slayer. He’s not quite there but we busted through everything but the last section. Many a whoot for getting almost the whole story arc done! Saturday we did it again and can I just say that that much DiabloII is not good for the body? I had Diablo-ass for days afterwards. It aint pretty when you have to pee but you know the way point is “just around here somewhere” or “I’m almost the next level”. Here’s my word to the wise: Portal back to town, put the laptop down, make a pee run, come back, pick up where you left off. It saves a whole lot of dancing around while trying to get “just to…” and it’s a lot more comfortable on the bladder. Heh!

We did some other things too, like feed Rob and Joanna’s bunnies (Thursday) and go shopping. No, we didn’t do the crazy after Thanksgiving day sale madness, unless you count stopping at the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese shop for booze. We saved our madness for Saturday when I bullied TheMan in to going out with me. He was all about the NO, but he compromised when I said he could stay and read in the car. That boy hates him the shopping something fierce. Anyway, I had 5 stores on my list and was off on a Christmas buying nut so we proceeded to Store Number 1 (Name changed to protect the innocent since I was CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!), where I wanted to pick up some bowls. Don’t worry, this was for our own use; we aren’t getting anyone bowls this year. Besides, they make terrible stocking stuffers. Anyway, of course Store Number 1 had bowls at three million dollars each (OK, $3.50 but still! I aint gonna pay that much when I can pick up the same bowls elsewhere for a buck and change) so I passed on that, but I did drag around a spring form pan for quite a ways because momma-boo needs her a new spring form pan that doesn’t leak. Funny thing: My nifty, yet leaky set of spring form pans are fine for cheesecake or what have you as long as there is a crust to seal in the goo but I tried to make a plain custard in one and that’s when I discovered my dilemma. So I spied this delightful Teflon spring form pan sitting on the shelf calling my name so I gave it a once over. It looked solid and I did need a new one, so I picked it up and fwoosh! The bottom fell right out of the sucker. I then thought to myself, “Hey! I already HAVE spring form pans that do this!” but it was just a matter of the Teflon pan not being locked down. Still, it amused me! I picked it up, set it in my cart and almost came home with it.


I’ve been harping on TheMan for buying things in the month of November and especially the end of the month of November so I took one last longing look at the beautiful “bottom stays put” spring form pan and put it back. *sniff* Bye bye, lovely non leaking spring form pan. Actually, I reasoned with myself that I probably wasn’t going to be making anything that would need a non leaky spring form pan in the next month or so, and if I did, it would most likely be cheese cake or some other crust leak sealer yummy thing so the ones I already own would do just fine. I did pick up something for my sis and oddly, something for DadQ. TheMan and I had been talking about THIS THING (Hi DadQ! Nope, not going to give you any hints whatsoever. HA!) that we found in a catalog (OK, here I’m not revealing the exact catalog because I have no idea. Probably not Victoria’s Secret though) and TheMan was wondering where he had put said catalog (and also, what said catalog was). I had taken no more than two steps into Store Number 1 when wala! THIS THING. It was right there, in the front, almost as if it knew we’d never figure out which catalog it was that we first saw THIS THING in.

Next was Store Number 2, in which I was on a mission to get some groceries. Nothing exciting here other than I picked up a bag of Christmas M&Ms to add to cookies for my G’ma. I grabbed said bag off the shelf and heard the *tink* *tink* of loose M&Ms, so I paused, wondering if my bag was opened or if I had just disturbed some M&Ms off the shelf from another bag. So I did what I think everyone in this situation does, I shook the bag a little to see where things might be falling out of. Imagine my surprise when half the bag leaped out of the giant cut that almost severed the whole top of the bag clean off. Yup, if you happened to visit Store Number 2 Saturday and turned down the candy isle to find it happily decorated with wall to wall Red and Green M&Ms, it was totally all my fault. It was pretty, though and quite seasonal. At least I thought so. OK! Moving on.

Store Number 3 was sort of a weird stop because it was raining and nasty and we didn’t want to do any more shopping. However, it was so on the way that we decided why not. It’s a good thing too, since I found a whole bunch of fun stuff and was able to check a couple people off the list. BoooYAW! I want to have all my shopping done with so the last week before Christmas I only have to worry about wrapping. I hate last minute shopping. HATE! I even went so far as to make little notes as to who gets what and what all I need to acquire before everyone is set. Anal? Yes. Preservation of my sanity as I try to figure out why I bought said thing and who I intended it to go to? Absolutely!

We never did get to Store Number 4 or Store Number 5. Ahh well.

Sunday we slept in and then met Rob and Joanna for breakfast (at noon, but who’s counting? First meal of the day is technically breakfast anyhow) and then headed back to hang, watch movies and eat pasta. It was Joanna’s birthday Saturday so we cooked her dinner. We spent the evening watching The Game (in which we had so many pauses for bathroom breaks, drink refill breaks, ice cream breaks that the movie – normally about 2 hours long – wound up going for four hours) and The Brotherhood of the Wolf. I’ve seen The Game and it’s a good movie. TBoTW was…interesting. It’s very similar to The Ghost and the Darkness as well as The 13th warrior in that it has the “beastly creature ravaging the country side” theme as well as the “Here’s a bit of Native people perspective” element. I liked the plot a lot better than TGaTD but damn could TBoTW use some editing. I could easily have cut out about a half hour of gratuitous slomo footage whose only purpose seemed to be…errr…showing things in slomo I guess. I don’t mind some slomo, like the kick ass Iroquois Kung-fu fightin’ action (OK, just don’t think too deeply about that one) done in an ankle length oil skin coat and tri cornered hat in the rain but the seventeen thousand shots of horses going from point A to Point B? Drop that right on the editing floor and move the movie along already. Oh and the CGI was pretty atrocious too. The French really need them a good F/X house.

Right then, I guess that wraps (hee!) things up. Ta for now.

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