In Which Half and Half is Not Eggnog

I have no idea what’s with this cold but it is a hanger-oner. I’m feeling pretty much 99.5% but then every now and then I get a little coughing fit going, or some sinus pressure thing going which reminds me that this damn cold lingers.

This weekend was a prime example of the damn linger cold which is tag teaming with my asthma to bring me down. What did I do Friday? Warcraft and nap would probably be the right answer if I could even remember. Was Friday the day I napped until 2am and then worked out? Possibly. I know Friday morning was the day I woke up with a ridiculous lower abdominal muscle pull from sleeping wrong. Seriously, if I’m going to get some sort of muscle pull I want it to be from rescuing a toddler from an oncoming bus, not because I slept wrong and pulled my own damn muscle.

How does that happen anyway? You would think that by now I’d have enough practice sleeping to do it right.

Anyhow, I napped because I was feeling like poo and had a muscle pull. Or a hernia. Possibly a tumor or some sort of fall-out from Alien experimentation. I kept upgrading as the day got longer. It was a looooong Friday.

Saturday we slept in, did some Warcrafting and then went out to the Brew Pub for Smithee Night Out. Dagoski and Dr. Wife were up which was pretty awesome but we did not spend the whole night yakking because LunarGeography was having head splody and Dagoski still lives in Philly while Dr. Wife lives in Toledo. We let them off early.

Sunday I was out and about to do some shopping…which would have gone much better if I had remembered my list. Or if TheMan didn’t have a freelance phone meeting and I could call him up and ask what I needed. I actually had my phone for once too. I did some guesswork and came home with about half of what I needed. And eggnog. What? It was the organic stuff, I had to try it for science.

Did too!

Anyway, both TheMan and I were feeling punk so another nap was had but this time, on account of it being a “school night” I got up at midnight to exercise. Still going with the working out every day thing (wooo), but I need to fine tune the aerobic rowing on the BowFlex. I might have been giving my muscles an easy day of it by picking a random weight off the top of my head and then being too lazy to change it when it was still easy after 10 minutes. For the record: 50 pounds is wimpy.

Having done my working out duty, I decided to treat myself to one last glass of eggnog before going to bed. Imagine my surprise when I poured the last half glass of nogg into my cup. That would be an entire quart drunk in less than 12 hours which kinda concerned me some. I mean, I love nogg but one needs to ration that stuff or pay the consequences in tight jeans and a whole quart was not looking good on the trim jeans front. But I had poured my glass already and threw the empty carton out so I figured that this was my last eggnog of the season.

It was disgusting. Have you ever upend a glass of milk just on the edge of going bad and then a couple glugs in realize that you don’t want to finish it? Yeah. That was me about 1am this morning. I was sort of surprised too since the nogg had been nice and spicy and eggy just 5 hours ago (when I had perhaps my second glass but probably more like my third or fourth) and suddenly it was bland and milky and yuck. It didn’t smell eggnoggy either, just creamy. And it was also white, which was when I realized that I might just have grabbed the Half and Half by mistake. Sure enough, there in the fridge a shelf below where it had been all day was the (still half full!) quart of eggnog. And there in my hands was half of a half glass of Half and Half. Yuck.

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  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    I am so so bummed that I missed the Smithee night out. I had what you had…icktastic cough/cold. Now Jeff has it! Hope you are finally feeling better! 🙂

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