The Read Some Damned Books Initiative ’09

Hello booniverse shoppers, you only have 38 more book reading days until this project comes to a close.

I can’t remember what status I last left you with but so far this year I’ve read 31 books. Keen I say since I think I straggled in at 10 or 11 books last year and just under 24 books the year before. 31! And I’m no where near finished with books I want to read!

Which brings me to my newest find. Someone at TheMan’s work left this neat little book on the freebies table so while I was waiting for TheMan to get out of a meeting one day I picked it up. Then I decided to keep it because it’s like ‘Classical Music for Dummies’ but some 50 years ahead of the Dummy trend (the pic says copyright 1943). It has a bit of an intro section wherein the author goes through all the fiddly bits of classical music and then bamn! The author takes off with Bach and the Brandenburg Concertos and goes all the way to “contemporary American composers” (of which Paul White is the last listed name. Who is Paul White? I might have to find out!). In each composer category, the author does a brief little bit about the composer and then goes on to talk about the more famous works (or works one should know from said composer).

I haven’t whipped through this book yet because I sort of want to listen to the music while the author is discussing it. This might mean a trip to the store for while I have a pretty decent classical selection for a ‘Dummy’ I don’t even have half of the composers listed (Paul White??!?). Awww shucks, I might have to get more ‘phonographic recordings’ to round out my collection. Heh. As an interesting end note, there are two appendices which list all the Columbia record recordings and all the Victor record recordings (that I assume are discussed in the book). That’s kinda cool.

I love 1943. Why indeed, there is no law against having women play even a bass tuba or kettle-drums, although often the only females in the entire orchestra are the harpists.

As for other books, I finished the scattered pages of To Your Scattered Bodies Go which was a really difficult read physically. It took me much longer than I thought it would because I needed a table to lay the book on in order to keep the pages from separating even further. I didn’t succeed nearly as well as I had wanted and I think I split the book in half again as many pieces parts but all in all it was a fun story. My only grump is that Scattered Bodies clearly is a part of a larger tale and now I have to hunt up scattered bodies 2.

I have two more Grad pull books checked out from when I had them pull Scattered Bodies and both are due December 11th. I hope to knock out the other Farmer book but Dr. Norrel and Mr. Strange (I can’t remember what the actual title is but it someone and someone else. It’s on the Hugo list towards the most recent end) will have to be renewed. I’m too lazy to tackle a 600ish page book in 2 weeks, plus I think it’s the perfect size for taking up north. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My plan for next year’s Read Some Damned Books is to go through more Hugo winners (I think I’m at 18 books read out of much more than 18 books on the list. Yikes) as well as crack into the Newberry winners. Yay children’s books!

2008: I begrudge cleaning up in exclusion to helping customers AN HOUR BEFORE THE PLACE CLOSES!

2007: JSFR: Corlade

2006: To Your Scattered Nothing.

2005: Technically, the stuffing will fit…as in there is no stuffing meniscus but mixing it becomes a challenge.

2004: Tomorrow we are going to mosey on up to mumses and have us a Thanksgiving dinner that can’t be beat.

2003: I’m also a tad chillier than I like because I’m dressed in women’s dress casual with no pockets and skirty air wooshing action.

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