Fromage a Trios

I was going to write and say that Alessar was my hero because he had a sure fire remedy for my mouth owwie but it doubled in size and quadroopled in hurt so now I’m not. I’m probably not going to mention the fact that the reason I have this owwie in the first place is that I consumed more than a demi-god’s share of candy and/or sweetie things in a short period of time or that this owwie is a sugar burn result of said consumption. I also wont mention that I DID try his remedy Tuesday night and it worked wonders until I decided Wednesday that a King’s ransom’s worth of chocolate dollops might taste delish (and they did), which only angered the owwie. Instead, I’ll bitterly complain that my owwie has only grown in size and pain and I’ll also mention that my teeth hurt as well because of my owwie. I might also stomp around a bit and whine “Why meeeeeeee?” an intermittent intervals, totally ignoring the fact that I brought this upon myself. That seems like a fair course of action, good! I have my afternoon planned out.

Ugh! I HATE cuts, burns, scrapes, pieces of missing flesh from the accidental cannibalizing of ones own mouth, any sort of mouth injury or anything remotely having to do with damage to the inner mouthal parts. That stuff NEVER heals and I don’t know about y’all, but once I bite my lip – even if I haven’t ever bitten that particular section of my lip before in my life – I will bite it at least 3 zillion more times before the boo-boo is completely healed. Or in the case of my current mouth owwie, which resides at the very front bottom of my lower lip and is impossible to get at with my gnashers, I’ll get all sorts of sharp food particles migrating right into the heart of the owwie and doing a little break dancing action on the rawest nerve the food particle can find. What is it with mouth injuries that take them four score years to heal?

ANYWAY, Alessar mentioned that he cures the mouth ow by dabbing it dry (can you say YIEEEEEEE!) and then smearing a small bit of Vaseline on it. Wala! Instant band-aid for the yapper. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any Vaseline but I do have an inordinate amount of Chapstick floating about the house. I want you all to know up front that Chapstick is a very poor substitute for the soft, pliable Vaseline. Also should you try this at home, because Chapstick will work unless you happen to tax the ow the next day, you might want to walk around with a tube of Chapstick in your pocket before applying it. I’m just sayin.

Why I have NO idea what that three county yell of pain could have been Tuesday night right before I went to bed. How odd.

Lemmie see, what else is going on besides the giant hole of pain in my head? OH! Right. I’m going to Alabama this weekend to visit my Gram. We are flying down early Saturday morning and back out Sunday morning. Yeah, I know. That’s only one day…AM I CRAZY?!?! Gram isn’t doing so well these days so I suppose it’s a trip to say good-bye. Mumses says Gram spends most of her days sleeping and the waking parts she spends rather confused. She’s happy in her confusion, though, and that’s about the only thing I can ask for my Gram. I think she will appreciate us coming down to say hello and I told her I’d bring a pie. That concept seemed to have locked in her head, at least for a little bit because she was all sorts of excited about pie. I don’t blame her, pie goooood! The only disappointing thing about the whole pie concept is that I can not find any pumpkins around anywhere. You would think that the Saturday after Thanksgiving there would still be a pumpkin or two hanging about but no. They up and chucked those suckers at 12:01 am Friday morning it seems. Hrrrmph. Yeah, I know, pie in a can yadda yadda but I’ve been making pie from cooked pumpkin for years, I’m not sure what all goes into a canned pie. Well, besides the can of pumpkin stuff. Evaporated milk? Sweetened condensed milk? Crack? I’m hoping that when we go to the store tonight they have one of those pumpkin pie in a can cans with the recipe right on the label. Heh. At least it’s easier and I don’t think Gram will mind or even know the difference. Plus, it’s pie no matter how you make it. Mmmmm, pie!

I’m also going to make her a tin of Christmas cookies and throw in some Christmas candies too. Originally I was going to send it Tuesday or yesterday (which I obviously have not yet) and see if it got down there ahead of us. Now, and because I’m lazy and haven’t taken the time to open the bag of cookie mix and plop in the butter that has been sitting on the counter softening since Sunday (yeah, I know, how Cheeto is THAT?), my new plan is to send it next week or so (and closer to Christmas). Yeah, that’s the plan. It’s a good one too. Damn fine plan, plus it means I don’t have to make the cookies until later. Heh. Although I do have to buy Christmas candy to go with the cookies.

Wow. Nothing much is really going on around here. We played TheMan’s game last night after a significant hiatus and I’m proud to say that I think I’m getting the Ars system. Finally! Sorta. At least the 12 million different Latin named spell stuff is coming more naturally and I’m getting all the number adds for what I want to do mostly correct. Badmovie brought a lounge lizard album or two by a fella named Richard Cheese (which is where the title for today’s blog entry comes from. Hey, I’ll do ANYTHING for cheese!) and I have to say I think I wet DQ’s couch listening to the Lounge-a-palooza remake of both More Human Than Human and Baby Got Back. He also does Beat It complete with a children’s chorus. How fitting is that?

Anyway, I’m arcing pop tarts here (I had ASS for sleep last night. Too much caffeine I think) so I’m going to go find something that vaguely resembles work but isn’t on the critically important list to do. A Zobmie is me!

Last year at the booniverse: It involves some funky wok smoking of said fish, which seems (at this point in “not actually preparing it” time) like much fun in its “Hey, I’ve never used my wok as a smoker before” kind of way.

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