The Zombies and Pumpkin Pie

A Picto-post.

It all started when I brought home the Jarrahdale pumpkin to make into pie. The zombies got pretty excited by that seeings as this pumpkin was like a kindred soul to them. A kindred vegetable soul which…actually changes nothing seeings as zombies aren’t known for their smarts now are they?

I put the pumpkin in the pantry (i.e. on the floor next to the potatoes) and because the zombies are not allowed on the floor without supervision (else they become cat toys) they had to stay on the counter. This pleased them not. TheMan and I pulled out the honey for DQ, who was making hot honey orange turkey, so the zombies thought they’d check that out.

Wasems. Excellent. Although the zombies would really rather the pumpkin came back.

They contemplate mounting a pumpkin finding expedition. They think they’ve found a book which will help them negotiate the vast expanse of floor sans feline hazards. I did not have the heart to tell them that this book probably wouldn’t live up to their expectations unless my cats are also zombies.

Sometime in the afternoon pie prep began. The zombies are happy to lend a hand; here they are checking out the pumpkin.

Perhaps they are a little too happy to lend a hand…

A zombie scout assesses the situation.

While the brain trust tries to figure out how to scoop out all the pumpkin brains.

Is anyone looking? No?

What’s going on up here?
Nothing. Oooo, is that pie?

Yes, yes it is pie. Mmmm, pie.

2008: I’m going to have to decide whether 3 turkeys is the magic number or if 3 turkeys is one more turkey than my laziness can tolerate.

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