It could be meat – it could be cake!

The life of an unknown ring, hopefully meat-cake will never enter the whole scenario.

Today is the day that the Ring of Unknown Origins gets all scrutinized. We have an appointment with the gemologist at the local (and recommended) jewelers in the afternoon and he/she should be able to tell us what the heck I have been wearing around for the past three months. The ring, which TheMan took a very lovely picture of here. No Here! (scroll to the 2 of December comes from somewhere in his family. It was either his g’ma’s or his grand aunt’s ring, maybe, and anything beyond that has been lost in time. All anyone knows for certain is that it was in the pile of stuff from the old place so they figure it belonged to one of the two of them. What’s the ring’s story? Engagement piece? 20th anniversary gift? Special 50th birthday gift from one sis to another? That the jeweler isn’t going to be able to tell us, unfortunately.

What we do hope to find is what the heck kind of stone is it anyway? It’s a pretty cool gem, whatever it is. In sunlight it appears a nice happy light sea green sorta reminiscent of the shallows around a Caribbean island somewhere and under incandescent light it is a lovely light lavender. Sometimes it’s blue gray, like now under these ‘environmentally friendly all spectrum energy efficient lights (of doom)’ and it can be any color between (photochroism-I just looked it up and that’s the official term for these kinds of stones). It’s perfect for someone with Shiny! syndrome like me. Ooo, what color is it now? The Q fam had it looked at by some jeweler dude in Saginaw who said ‘Pffft, it’s a synthetic Sapphire, I’ll give you $200 for the setting.

Ummm, no. Even if it is a lab grown sapphire, the setting is way too cool to be parted with for $200. TheMan says it reminds him of something from the Two Towers. I would have to concur. Anyway, the current theories are it’s an Alexandrite which it might be maybe, or it could be a synthetic sapphire but if the first synthetic sapphires were created in 1940 and the ring is about that old as well, probably the color changing synthetics were not a popular thing. It could be a kunzite or maybe something else entirely. It’s so exciting and I’m all a twitter sitting here not knowing (but soon to be knowing in T-minus 2 hours). It’s like Christmas, damnit and I want my presents now! Heh.

And now, because I’m mean and cruel and want someone else to share in my never ending torture, this is the song that has been running through my head:

I came back as a bag of groceries accidentally taken off the shelf before the date stamped on my sack

One Response to “It could be meat – it could be cake!”

  1. boo Says:

    …and the survey says: Synthetic Sapphire! Good, I can wear it without worrying about losing a million dollar stone, sad because it would have been neat to have had a real alexandrite.

    Also found out about my diamonds. My mumses is the best cut of them all (and although the jeweler says it’s the sparkliest of the three and it may look like it’s the sparkliest of the three, it’s not you know. Nope, the diamond I got from my wonderful fiancee is the bestest of the lot. Really!) and the best color of them all. My g’ma’s diamond is the yellowest in color and TheMan’s diamond is sorta between the two. Fun filled facts for y’all!