Black Friday

Here I am at Oh Dark Hundred not outside waiting for some store to open. In fact, this is probably me sleeping until 11 or 12. Mmmmm, sleeping in.

Goth Cthulhu agrees with me: Day after Thanksgiving shopping is TEH KRAZY! And he should know from crazy. Or at least insane.

The cappuccino monkeys, Beannie Death and Ninja Devil Duckie would rather hang out on the shelf than spend time wading through a throng of crazy shoppers. They are wise in the ways of these things so I heeded their advice.

Here is our black Bug which would have gone nowhere today but for the fact that we were invited over for a second Thanksgiving at the BadGardens. They weren’t selling anything at fantastic deals nor was their house packed wall to wall with crazy shoppers so that was nice.

An afternoon walk is much preferable to having to surf the waves of deal seeking humanity. It is also probably a good idea when you’ve had 2 Thanksgiving dinners, and you might see some cool stuff. Like this cannon.

Or this poor smunched in pumpkin that’s been rotting on the neighbor’s porch for a bit. I love when pumpkins get like this and their faces are all muahhhhhhh.

I should talk, I have these black, dead, flower bits hanging around my garden. I need to do some winter prep stat!

Buuuut if I couldn’t find anything fun to do today there’s always a couple of books I could read.

2008: By the way, I solved my little turkey puzzle from a few days ago.

2007: Wait…so the sun only works from about 8 in the morning until 4 in the evening? With frequent storm breaks wherein it only shines a half day? Does it get lunch breaks too? Cuz I kinda want that job now.

2006 : I also volunteered to roast the bird, which I got at the giant Meijer’s sale of doom for less that $4!

2005: Not going out.

2004: Then either.

2003: JSFR: Boton Rice Candy

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