Another Thanksgiving Dinner That Couldn’t Be Beat

Hmmm, I’m behind again on JSFRs but enough about that. How about a Thanksgiving break recap!

I had Wednesday off so it was even more delightfully long. Mostly what I had to do on Wednesday was prepwork for Thanksgiving dishes and since I was out in the neighborhood of Great Harvest Bread Company I stopped by there too. Yum. Along with the usual Thanksgiving stuff (evaporated milk, heavy whipping cream, yams) I discovered that Busch’s was having a sale on cranberries so I picked up a cartfull of them for wine making. OK I guess cranberries are also a standard Thanksgiving thing but not 10 bags of them and since I was not in charge of cranberries, I didn’t need them for Thanksgiving prep anyhow. But! We now have cranberries to do a ’09 cranberry wine.

I spent the rest of the day lazing about, making cornbread and baking zombie pumpkins.

Thursday I got up early and started in on the pie. Mmmm, pie. Then when the pie was cooking I prepped the stuffing (which I let sit a bit so it could get all sitty with the flavors and whatnot). After stuffing the stuffing in the fridge, it was yam bake time which coincided nicely with nap time. Yam napping. Yams out, stuffing in, stuffing baked and zoom! We flew over to DQ’s for a Q family Thanksgiving. The yams were AWESOME! (many thanks to badmovie for finding the recipe) and DQ made an apple pie that out pied my pumpkin pie. Again. Oh man are her apple pies the bomb. If ever you are on death row and they ask you what you want for your last meal, tell them you want a DQ apple pie. You will not regret it.

Friday I popped the other stuffing (stuffing recipe makes a hella bunch o’ stuffing; I usually get 2 casserole dishes out of it) into the oven in time to attend second Thanksgiving over at the Badgardens. Badmovie had to work on Thursday so they bumped the dinner to Friday and then invited us. Both meals were delicious but man was not meant to have two Thanksgivings in a row.

Saturday we went out to lunch with the Qs and then to the dollar movies to see Julie and Julia. It was a cute movie and Meryl Streep nailed Julia Child. I’ve also decided that I don’t particularly care for French cooking judging from the recipes they showed in the movies. That’s not to say I wouldn’t eat French cuisine because some of it looked tasty but to commit to 700 some recipes for a whole year? No thanks. I’d miss just plain salads something fierce. After the movie we wandered over to the Brewpub for coffee, beers and a rousing game of random draw Trivial Pursuit.

Sunday the Qs were going back upstate so we met at the Bomber for breakfast (where did I put all this food? Oh right, my butt) and bid them bon voyage. TheMan and I stopped off at Meijers for this and that and LED Christmas lights. WHEEE! This prompted me to drag Christmas out of the Tetris closet and put away the miscellaneous remnants of Halloween (as long as I was in the closet).

We hung the outside lights up on the porch, put up the tree and wreaths and later hung window lights. I’ll need to go back and pick up another run of lights for the bedroom window on account of having to use one of the 2 strings on the tree. I wonder where the other string of lights I had last year went to? Hmmm. The dresser is not yet cleaned off so no nativity goodness yet but I’m hoping to get that squared away by the end of the week. There will be Hummel Nativity this year!!!

Heloooooo-oooo! I see you!

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