GAK! December? Is the year going by super crazy fast?

I ate entirely way too much this past week so I’m feeling perhaps overly health conscious. So, in spirit with my ever tightening jeans I have some December goals.

1. Do I want to do a month of veggycentric eating? I don’t want to go vegetarian because I like meat way too much but I wonder if I could make more veggy meals and be healthier? I guess I have to think faster because today is the 1st of December. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll scout out some veggy recipes and taste test them this month. That sounds like a good compromise between going uber healthy and wallowing in the same old same old. Besides, it’ll shock reader Bailey when I start posting healthy recipes.

2. Coffee! I have decided that I am giving up on the fru-fru coffee drinks for December. I’m not sure if this is an all of December thing or if I’ll limit myself to plain coffee during the week with an option to fru it up on the weekends. We shall see, but for now I’m just ordering coffee coffee when we hit the coffee shops in the morning.

3. Working out: Still doing it. I’d give you a day count but that would involve maths and I’m super lazy at the moment. Lets go with 150+ continuous days of working out, that’s in the ball park. Anyway, I may add some ab work to the routine and/or pop the resistance up a notch on the Norditrack but other than that, I have no solid actual working out plans. I think this month is a food centric month – focusing on healthy and portion control.

4. Find a room! My new endeavor is to scour out a room a month. I’m talking a major cleaning with wall washing and floor scrubbing and all the fiddly bits put somewhere permanent. I suppose this also means tearing down the bookcase occupants and moving the cases too. Hmmm. Well the first room I’m attacking is the bedroom, which has 2 bookcases so we shall see if the more permanent stuff gets shifted or not. Stay tuned!

2008: Perhaps I ought to consider an earlier boots-by-date next year.

2007: JSFR: Bourbon Petit Series Chip (teriyaki mayonnaise)

2006: Incidentally, what is he presenting there, a plate of apples? It’s full of round apply looking things and unless they are apply painted gold they certainly aren’t frankincense or myrrh.

2005: Will Joy come off my shit list? Probably not unless this turns out to be really amazing chicken.

2004: December is really August pulling a fast one on us right?

2003: Yes, sandals. Shut up, it’s sandals until the things rot off my feet alright?

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