Productive Laziness

I can not feel my toes. It’s wet and raining and for some reason I thought it a perfectly sane thing to leave the house in my second thinnest pair of socks (being the second thinnest pair by virtue of having no holes in them. Yet) and sandals when it was pouring rain and hovering just slightly above freezing. That’s OK, my pants are moist from not completely drying out on the line. This fact I didn’t notice right away as most of the single layer of denim is crispy dry like only line dried clothes can get. It’s the doubled seams and pocket parts that are just damp enough to be uncomfortable but not damp enough to ring the “Hello! Pants need to take a spin in the dryer” clue bell. Ugh.

BTW, you Snack Food Junkies might want to check out the post dated JSFRs that went up yesterday. Mmmm, (El) Toppo.

I’m also working on a sum-up from our Alabama trip. I have notes but they still need to be transcribed. Gimmie a break, I did TWO WHOLE JSFRs yesterday, I’m beat!


Yesterday TheMan and I had off, due to our crazy Alabama trip, but we did not get to sleep in much for we had a DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT (yes, that does come with its own reverb!) with a family planning practitioner. Oooo! And also *squeee* because this is our first official step towards perpetuating the Q line. We got info on meds, good and bad (sadly, no Advil, Sudafed, Flovent, Drinking, Smoking or drug use for me come 2005. Damn, there goes my heroin habit) and a prescription for prenatal vitamins. The Doc (who was about 14, but kinda cute and sort of twitchy and came with his own laptop that he used to look up stuff. How cool!) told me that since I am going to be 35 (or better) by the time I get pregnant I will be prestigiously placed in the “Mature” category of pregnant women. He assured me that being a “Mature” candidate just means that they will be keeping a closer eye on things and running more tests and all that.

You know, because I’m OLD. I’m sort of boggled that in 51 more days I’ll be positively geriatric. I don’t feel like a “mature” candidate for pregnancy, maybe 35 is the half life of the average uterus? I’m curious to know if my ovaries have a “best if used by January 27, 2005” stamp on them or not. Are they like dairy where it’s OK to go a week or two past the date but after that you take your chances? Or is it a meat kind of thing where you pretty much want to use them up by the date? Hmmmm!

We did a little loafing around waiting for the prescriptions to be filled and then headed off home for a day of solid nothingness. TheMan went upstairs to wrap presents geek out and have a little TheMan time (in which he never did get to wrapping presents but he got his civilization up to the space age) and I stayed downstairs and dinked around. Part of the time was spent despamming the booniverse and then closing down another two months of entry comments (so far, December 2002 through April 2003 are commentlos. Again, the booniverse has a dot Mac account if you feel the need to comment (but no “the” in the e-mail addie). I *always* have commenting privileges and will happily post your thoughts. It’s good to be the king! Or owner, or whatever), then I wrote the JSFRs and then I did another crazy stint of crocheting. That’s about seven hours of productive laziness (Oooo! I forgot the laundry. I did laundry and started dinner too. Go me!) and it was pretty fine.

TheMan came down for dinner and a little Law & Order watching and that concluded our day of lazy. Mmmmm. I am so ready for Christmas break.

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  1. 414 Says:

    In case you didn’t know JMQ & AJ(Nichols)Q were 36 when JMQ was born. And JMQ & JA(Murdock)Q were 31 when MAQ was born.