Where Are My Pants?

Oh! Lookie look, right here!

Guess what I bought this weekend? PANTS! I am wearing my new slylin baggie pants OF DOOM and I gotta say, I’m a little chafed. TMI? Heh, perhaps they are a bit too roomy and they ride much lower than I’m used to but still! It’s nice to be wearing baggy again.

Not that I’ve done anything, it seems to just be these pants. I have come to the conclusion that men’s pants LIE. I bought three pairs, all the same waist size and all the same inseam but one pair I can’t button (*sniff*), one pair fits, albeit snuggly and this pair is big enough for me and a mad ferret (but not so good for ferret legging cause the critter’d just shoot right out of the top). Last I checked, 38 inches was 38 inches so I have no idea what’s going on with the pants. Still, NEW PANTS! I can probably shrink them in the wash and they will fit perfectly. YAY!

And there was much happiness. NEW PANTS!

OK, on to the stuff that puts my mumses to sleep, namely EQ! Not much to say here other than the palafrog is sooooooooo close to 39 and happy new spells I can taste it. Tastes like chicken. We teamed up with Dirge and Shar the other night for a change of pace in locale (Dreadlands if anyone’s truly interested) and then last night TheMan and I went solo (well, duo actually) and were back beating on bears. We did stop for a bit in the town where I checked out my bank and discovered that not only do I have all the spells for level 39 in a back pack or two on the frog (ready to mem them all up the instant I ding) but I also seem to have them all in the bank as well. Foo dat and d’oah with the preplanning. I guess I was all eager like back when and bought up all the spells, promptly forgot I did and later bought them again. Anyone need any level 39 paladin spells?

Also yesterday I stayed home with a touch of crazy in the brain. I got perhaps 2 hours of terribly interrupted sleep Sunday and was blitzkrieg toast Monday for it. Oi! It took until 5pm (and a 4 hour nap) before I felt some semblance of human at which point I took a nice long hot tubby soak (with bath beads and bubbles!). First off, I have to say our bubble bath suXX0rs cuz it isn’t makin with the bubbles. I want about three feet of bubbles by the time the bath is done filling, not an inch or two that quickly dissipates. Hrrrm! The bath beads, on the other hand, rock because they are blue and slidy. Heh. Secondly, I had the idea to learn a little ASL (American Sign Language for the acronym impared) while soaking because otherwise it would have been just me sitting there in the tub doing a whole lot of nothing. I don’t do nothing really well. Hence, my great idea about the learning, however you kind of have to have two hands to sign and who then holds the book? Yeah, about that planning part of my brain.

ANYHOO! I decided I was going to teach myself the lyrics to Ana Ng so this I did until I found that ‘hole’, ‘gun’, and ‘perpendicular’ weren’t in my particular book. This sort of nixes most of the first line (and all of the meaning) so my endeavors were short lived. I did learn the sign for “make” and as I was flipping through the book, I happened on the sign for “bacon” so I can now sign “makin’ bacon” for whatever good that does me. I don’t know, it could come in handy? Bacon is strange and I totally thought of Badmovie when I came upon the entry. Oooo, now I have a quest to find “frosting” so I can sign him “bacon frosting”. It’s the little things, you know?

Lastly, I have to figure out something pumpkiny to make for the holiday party tomorrow. Mmm, pumpkin. Well, except for the pumpkin whatsit I made yesterday, which was neither plesantly pumpkin nor pleasantly spicy. It was…errr…moist. Not a good moist either. Hrrrmmm. Anyway, the contenders are pumpkin streussel coffee cake or praline ribbon pumpkin pie. I’ll let you know who won later, now I’m outta here.

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