Christmas, Looking a Lot Like It

OhHO! Check out the tail end of Christmassing…checked off my list! Well except for collecting Christmas presents which is going but not yet check-offable.

I was felled by spicy ginger garlic chicken made spicy (which was FANTASTIC if not…you know…spicy. Hoooah that was something) today so I decided after napping like the dead to putter around and figure out where the top of my dresser had gotten off to. I was pretty sure that it hadn’t actually wandered off as the dresser was still there and I hadn’t gained the ability to dip into the bra drawer from above, but I also hadn’t laid eyes on it in quite a while. All this week I’ve been clearing away bits of accumulated cruff until…

Tada! Behold! The top of the dresser! And also my shoes and the lights on the floor which usually hang out on top of the dresser but do net let your eyes be swayed by those insignificant details as they bask in the glory that is the actual top of my dresser. Cleaned! I also ran a damp cloth over the front part (which had not been piled up with more than a year of miscellaneous stuff but only because it is not a horizontal surface) to pick up any dust. I figured why not. I also found that the Little Kitty, who loves to park her butt right in front of the dresser when the furnace is on, doesn’t much care where she’s pointed when she sneezes. Oh no, when that cat’s gotta blow she snots everywhere which…yeah. The bottom drawer needed a lot more attention that just a dusting. So did the first big drawer which had me puzzled until I figured out that’s the blast zone when she’s in the sock drawer (the other half of the time). Little Kitty, YUCK!

So yeah, Christmas decorations are up. Huzzah! One goal down.

My other goal (versus my other other goal which I probably have but can’t remember what it is offhand. I’ll think of something) is underway as I have printed out four interesting looking vegetarian recipes. Two have eggplant as I fond a lot of veggy eggplant recipes and I wanted to try it out. Me and the ‘plant aren’t exactly acquainted but I thought I ought to give it a go since there seem to be quite a lot of veggy egg planty stuff out there. Do vegetarians have a thing for egg plant? I have heard of egg plant that it is a touchy dish, sort of like the pork chop equivalent of the veggy world. I am looking forward to finding out!

Maybe my other other goal was reading? Hmmmm. Haven’t done much on that front but I’m determined to plow through the other Philip Jose Farmer book before it’s due next Friday. Jonathan Swift and Mr. Norrel (or whatever) I shall renew because I can and because it’s a big fat book which seems perfect for taking in the car oop nort. Daaaang, Christmas is sneaking up fast isn’t it?

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