5 x 8 Belgium

Happy Pearl Harbor Day and all. I’m celebrating by working out, rummaging through some boxes downstairs and making Oreo Bastards.

Also happy Monday which means WEEKEND RECAP! Friday is super easy: Get up, go to the Bomber for breakfast, wake up lower digestive bits and anger them somehow. Go back home, call in, sleep like the dead until12:30. Putter around for 45 minutes, go back to sleep. Sleep like the dead until 4:30ish, laze in bed trying to decide if I want to sleep more or get up and booger around. Opt to clean dresser since it’s close to the bed. Eat dinner, do Warcrafting, crash. Are you taking notes you Law&Order guys?

Saturday we got up more or less and boogered around on and off Warcraft. I think I took a nap because one could be had and then we wandered over to Sidetracks for mushrooms (and dinner, but primarily mushrooms). They’ve changed up their shrooms a bit which is nice (they are a bit smaller) and bad (they don’t taste as awesome) at the same time. My garden burger was also off so maybe I wasn’t quite over my lower guts bug. *shrug* I think we did more Warcrafting and bounced off to bed.

Sunday we went over to see Michener Everett Nefling (and also Sis, Mumses, Mr. Paul and Mr. Paul’s parents. Have I given them a nick name? I am too lazy to go look). We gave him a book about space traveling aliens that makes noise and lights up and the cutest monkey jammies. They had little monkey heads for feets!! They also were piped in pink on the arms and neck which I failed to notice (hey, Monkeys and the base color was blue!) but Michener Everett Nefling is secure enough in his young manhood to wear awesome blue monkey jammies with pink piping. And have an alien book about outer space discos.

Seriously, blue monkey jammies with pink piping? What is that about?

We ate an awesome dinner, came back, in time to zoom over to the BadGardens for the game and then wandered back home where I still had to work out. I’m almost at 200 days straight of getting on the goddamned Norditrack or the goddamned Bowflex and doing my goddamned thing and have I shown any progress? I gots hella tiny sholder muscles from BowFlexing and hella weird shin muscles from Norditracking but the pants? Still goddamned tight in the pooch. My crazy leveling coworker on the other hand just started working out last week or the week before and he’s lost 10 pounds already.

So much hate.

As a side note, while downstairs I got to poking about some of the boxes and found a whole pack of flags including two big ass Belgium ones. Anyone want a big assed Belgian flag?

2008: JSFR: Toppo for Men.

2007: Well, it’s a big piece of hulking feces so I might as well use it for something and all that blank space cries out to be covered in doodle art.

2006: I’ve gone more than 24 hours without washing my head and by the time 30 hours rolls by I can use my head to grease cooking pans.

2005: Nothing says welcome to this world little one like DEATH SPICES!

2004: Sadly, no Advil, Sudafed, Flovent, Drinking, Smoking or drug use for me come 2005. Damn, there goes my heroin habit.

2003: JSFR: Coconut Pocky

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