Sacrificial Coffee Cake and Lo-Ry-Der

Three whoots for today…
Hip hip a-whoot!
Hip hip a-whoot!
Hip hip a-whoot!

After carefully tabulating all the votes and weighing all the factors it was decided that Pumpkin Streusel Coffeecake was the winner of the “What am I going to make for the parTAY” award. I think the biggest contributing factor against the pie was the whole baking a pie shell, baking a pie shell with praline goop, separating eggs, cooking gelatin and pumpkin for X minutes, whipping whites all frothy like, folding stuff into whipped egg whites (boo don’t fold well), chilling, adding more layers, chilling, and OH MY GOD CAN WE GET ANY MORE COMPLEX HERE? No really, I took a look at the ingredients, which were not too bad and I could have handled the bake the pie shell and then bake the goop but then the whole eggs and folding and boiling and chilling and thank you no. The coffee cake has three different steps (crust, pie goop, streusel) but they are all pretty much “mix stuff together and bake” with no weirdness or hassle.

Of course I was way too lazy to make it last night so instead I measured out all the ingredients, mixed what I could and left it all out (save the eggs) to pick up first thing in the morning. Yup, I’m that lazy. This did mean I had to get up at 5am but I thought “No sweat, I’ll just whip it together by 5:30 and then stick it in the oven. I might get a little shut eye in too.”


I failed utterly to take in the whole “up before early” aspect of the plan and thus did not calculate the time it would take me to stand there at 5:11 looking at the counter and thinking “…eggs. So. Eggs. … Yup. Three of them. … Eggs. Hmmmm. No eggs over here. … Eggs. … Bowl of flour over here. … Eggs. … Oh yeah. We keep the eggs in the fridge. Right.” I tell you, there is a whole lot of that going on at 5:11 in the morning. It took me about an hour to prep the cake and then another short hour to bake it. Luckily it didn’t make us late (heh, we did that perfectly fine on our own!) but it sure was a toasty drive in with it on my lap. It smelled delish too. I figured that even if it tasted horrible, we all could at least cut a piece and sniff it. Mmmmm!

Unfortunately, when I got in and deposited the coffee cake in the food area I noticed two other coffee cakes already there. Wah! Mine was warm though and home made (the others were Entenmann’s) so I told everyone that they could dig in because hello-oo! Warm coffee cake and morning coffee? THE BOMB! Several people took me up on the offer and it was a HUGE success. I had some too and I’m happy to report it did not suck.

I’m wearing my new jeans again today (but with leggings underneath so none of the chafing of yesterday. Whooo! And there was much more rejoicing) and have discovered that somehow they have become even baggier overnight. Not baggier as in the denim is warm and relaxed but baggier as in “Am I wearing TheMan’s pants?”. I think they have secretly replaced my house pants with a several sizes up pair of pants and now they are going to watch me all day on their hidden camera. I’m even wearing an entire extra layer today and my jeans have gone from riding a tad low to hovering about midbuttock level. I feel like a gangsta. Yo yo. I think I’m going to have to definitely warm wash these suckers or become a rapper. Given my l337 hack impromptu haiku 5k1llz I think warm washing is the way to go.

At least I get all the syllables right.

For you folks who have been hovering on the edge of your seat wondering about the palafrog and our EQ exploits, hover no more! Or, errrr, well the frog hit 39 last night and memmed all those tasty new spells. Or would that be half of the tasty new spells considering I seem to have an entire extra set on the character. Still. Anyway, the spells are pretty cool and there was a noticeable difference in play. The frog stayed about 80%+ on health through multiple fights and was pretty much ready to go after every single fight. No healing, no nothing. RARH! TheMan’s enchanter has about 25 more bears to go and then DING! He too will get tasty spells, but only one copy.

Also on the bizarre front, I have been having WAY too much fun with ASL lately. Not only can I sign “bacon” but I also learned the signs for “gravy” and “juice”. I can not stop laughing about combinations such as “bacon gravy”, “gravy juice” or “bacon juice”. Why is that funny? Just writing about it has me giggling again. I think it’s the way the book has the signs arranged. I mean, once you know bacon, you flip the page and look! Gravy! HEY! I can sign “world” too! I bet “World of Bacon” wouldn’t be too hard to look up, I’m only missing “of” (or whatever makes a noun possessive). Just don’t ask, I’m like a two year old with this.

World of Bacon!

OK, I gotta go do something other than giggle about ASL signs. Hee, BACON!

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