First Snowfall

Or at least the first snowfall which has stuck. You can also admire my porch lights a little better than the last time I tried to photograph them. I guess leaning in the door frame is more stable than wandering around outside trying to get a steady shot. Who knew!

Today is Warcraft new patch day so we’re all investigating the brand new dungeon. There’s something to be said for going into a place where there is no cheat notes for how to fight the bosses. I’m having a ton of fun so I’ll let you all go with a quick wintry pic.


2008: Beer, it does a body good.

2007: JSFR: Egg Pudding Pretz

2006: The stockings were hung on the front door with care.

2005: You have to go full out with that, a project to the back of the town kind of full out. Big sound! Biiiiiig Sound!

2004: No update? Blame Warcraft.

2003: Now you’ve gone and done it, THEY will be most displeased. Yes, the giant ants.

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