Fast and Sweet

Alllllrighty campers! I’ve got 20 minutes of work break to pound this out and leave you with a half assed entry. Are you ready?

Today was not so much a good day for waking up at all. I had somehow got it into my head that there were several days between Thursday and Friday and lo! I was quite surprised to find, at about 11pm last night, that the next day indeed would be Friday. You know, just like how it happens every single week but for some reason yesterday there were supposed to be three or four days in there. For some reason it took me totally by surprise that today was going to be Friday. “What do you mean tomorrow’s Friday? It can’t be Friday already! I was planning on putting the turkey in the fridge today so it can sit there and thaw for a couple of days before Friday and IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IF TOMORROW’S FRIDAY AND THE BIRD IS STILL IN THE FRIDGE!!!” So dinner plans have changed slightly (Hi mumses. I was going to give you a call about that but it seems like that hasn’t happened either. BTW, we aren’t bringing turkey).

I also lost about two hours of time yesterday too which is why I discovered the lack of time at 11pm rather than say 8 or 9. See, the hours of 8, 9 and 10 also seem to have mysteriously disappeared with those three or four days between Thursday and Friday. I did get more of Grandma Minnie’s present made and I got Alessar’s present all bobulated so that wasn’t too bad. I also “watched” (as in puttering here and there and occasionally glancing at the TV. Oh yeah, and bothering the beegeebus out of TheMan who was actually sitting and watching watching as in paying attention) Terminator 3.

Not much to say about Terminator 3 other than I was mightily impressed with the destructive action sequences. It’s like a porn movie only substitute sex scenes for chaos and destruction. Very cool that. OH! I guess there was some nudity too what with the naked Terminators and all. Heh! ANYWAY…from what I saw of it, it was pretty cool in an Arnie action destroy the ever loving crap outta seven city blocks movie. TheMan thought it was a bummer of a movie and it did end on that note but I rather liked it. I’ve always had a problem with T2 in that at the end they do the “Yay we won and no machine uprising” dance but there in lies the glitch. No machine wars, no original Terminator. No original Terminator, no Whats-his-name coming back either. No Whats-his-name no John Connor. So there is this whole paradox thing going on and it sat there being all paradox like and eating at my soul. Terminator 3 made sense of that loose end and everything was put into place. Tres cool but incredibly depressing because…yeah machine wars.

Four minutes remaining!

Tonight we begin our Christmas trek to the Mumses house. Tomorrow is Christmas with Mumses and Mr. Paul (wheee) so we are going to head out tonight and partake of all the Christmas Eve fun and wake up to presents and Santa tomorrow. Have I mentioned I LOVE Christmas? I went shopping yesterday to pick up a gift for a friend and I discovered some strange but fun stocking stuffers for TheMan. I have stuffers, but then I saw this other stuffer thing and I just had to have it! I’m really trying to not buy everyone seven thousand presents but Christmas! I need to be rich just for this time of year.

One minute!

Well gosh! I have not much more to say. I will mention though that ASL appears to be universally amusing because everyone I’ve told about BACON and the fun you can have with it (did I mention I learned how to sign “rides” so I can now say “bacon rides”?) and so far, everyone has gotten a good chuckle out of it. I’m not dissing ASL, I’m just saying there is something inherently amusing about it. Or maybe it’s just bacon. Who knows!

OK! Times up, must to get back working. I have a TON of JSFR to post date so keep your eyes peeled.

Oooo! Now I need to find the sign for “peeled” so I can sign “peeled bacon”!

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