C is for Cookie

We had a Lady Food Blogger cookie exchange tonight over at StalkerPatti’s house. Look at the spread! (photo lovingly taken by Kate).

I made three different kinds of Oreo Bastards (Lemon Bastards and NutterButter Bastards – which is really fun to say) for the exchange while LunarGeography (who crashed the party) made the tastiest ginger bread doodads. BTW, if you are wondering about the NutterButter Bastards, they are the same recipe as the Oreo Bastards except sub out NutterButters for Oreos. If you need a refresher (because I’m too lazy to link in the recipe from my own damn blog – Wr0cking the lazy!) take a package of Oreos/NutterButters, pulverize them in a food processor, add a brick of cream cheese and mix until it forms a blob. Take the blob and flatten it out into a 1 inch-ish tall flat thing and throw it in the fridge to cool. Cut the flat blob into squares, roll the squares into balls, and dip the balls into candy quick. Let the _____ Bastards dry and then eat them. Yum. The Lemon Bastards seemed to be the favorite which I thought was kinda weird. Huh.

As you can see from the picture above there was a whole lot of tasty goodies present. We also had an impromptu white elephant kitchen tchotchke exchange in which I wound up with some sort of potato masher thing. Or perhaps it makes Spaetzel. Or both, I’m not sure. LunarGeography snagged some bay leaves which would have made me supremely jealous except that I have a ton of bay leaves at home. And now a spaetzel masher too. Hmmm!

Shortly after this pic was taken we dived into the presentation and totally destroyed the calm of the shot. Mmmmm. An excellent way to celebrate the booniverse blogaversary.

2008: It all started off with the leak in the Zombie bag.

2007: He’s on the ‘more’ side of more or less OK but guess what he has today? A bruise bigger than George Washington’s head. The dollar bill George Washington.

2006: The Little Kitty, she loves her some curling ribbon and hopped her little cat butt on top of the table (BAD KITTY!) to attack the prezzies.

2005: JSFR: Mr. Brown Iced Coffee

2004: Eating cookies and not updating in a timely fashion.

2003: I find that I routinely type faster than Word can keep up. If you have ever seen me type, you would know that this is a sad sad fact.

2002: Bruises bigger than George Washington’s Head! Ouch.

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