To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I tell you, I really need to stop eating whatever it is that I eat before bed when I have these weird dreams. I also need to stop looking things up on the internet movie data base before I go to bed too. While I’m at it, I need to not be waking up in the middle of the night while TheMan is snoring because all three put together made for a really freaky night.

It all started when TheMan came across some interesting info about the actress who played the teenage daughter in the movie Poltergeist. Then there was a debate about who played Carol Ann and then, of course I had to check the authority on this stuff; IMDb. It’s an awesome site, go give it a look. Go on, I’ll wait. OK, anyway I got to looking things up here and there to discover that 3 of the people in Poltergeist are dead, one of old age, one of an intestinal blockage and one of a slight case of murder. Freaky. One of the things I was looking for but did not find was information about the lady who played the medium. You know, the short little red headed lady? “Head towards the light!”

And what bearing does this have on anything you ask? I’m getting there. Sometime around three a.m. I woke up from a dream in which my sis and I were doing something or other and I heard a strange noise coming from behind me. It sounded like a hoarse raspy whisper about bed height but I hadn’t been awake enough to identify it clearly. I was unsure if I had heard an inanimate or animate thing so I waited groggily for it to repeat itself. It obliged me and I clearly heard something say “Get her”. Still partially asleep, I was confused about who the voice wanted, me or my sis? That’s weird, I thought, the voice could at least be kind enough to let us know which her it wanted…but wait, now that I think on it (and now that I was a little more awake) I’m the only her here. I was just dreaming about my sis and she isn’t really in the room now but the voice is. That would make me the only her here wouldn’t it…HEY! I’m the her it’s talking about!

“Get her.” OK, this was getting weird. My mind began jumping about and I envisioned this short red headed psychic standing at the side of my bed whispering “Get her.” as she looked down on my helpless sleeping form. A short red headed psychic with bizarre ass crazy eyes and sharp Ferengi teeth that gnashed at the chance to eat my face off because at 3 a.m. it’s not going to be just any dwarf psychic at the side of my bed. Oh no, at three a.m. all the sane psychics are asleep so this one would have to be some crazed demonic blood sucking freak psychic looking for a late night snack. So now, I’m wide awake, heart pumping a bazillion miles a minute as I listen for the approaching creepy or whatever it was, totally convinced I was going to be mauled by a bloody red headed Ferengi psychic daemon who wanted her minion ghosts to hold me down while she bit my head off. “Get her.”

As soon as I processed all this, I flipped over to face this diminutive monster only to be looking at a whole lot of nothing. No vision of horror was waiting for me anywhere and no ghosts were buzzing around trying to hold me down. However something was out there because I heard “Get her.” again. This time it was behind me so I rolled back over. There lying as peacefully as can be was TheMan flat on his back snoring these soft little snores that sounded like “Get her.” on the exhale. Bastard! I was awake for the next hour trying to get the red headed blood sucking Ferengi psychic out of my head.

I need to figure out how to put the kibosh on my imagination me thinks.

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