Roy G. Biv of Food

Another themed picto-post for your lazy Monday enjoyment.

This post, as you may soon figure out, started out its Roy G. Biv existence somewhere around Thanksgiving. Thus, several of the food items are very Thanksgiving-y in nature. These are not especially one of them though as these are destined to be wine. I did get them the day before Thanksgiving because they were on sale. Now my freezer is full of bags of cranberries as we wait for a spot in the wine carboy rotation. Mmmm, cranberry wine.

Cooked zombie pumpkin. I made this into pie and it was mighty tasty. I also culled a bunch of seeds so I can plant my own zombie pumpkins. Woot.

So I have this cornbread stuffing recipe from the Great Harvest Bread Company and I’ve had this recipe for years. Possibly as early as 1995 (I’d have to go back and do the calendar math to see for sure) but does the Great Harvest Bread company make cornbread anymore? Well, sort of. Badmovie e-mailed me just recently to tell me that the GHBC had cornbread…about a month too late for me to put it in the Thanksgiving stuffing. Thanks GHBC, I’ve been making cornbread from cornmeal for the last 5 plus years because you don’t bake cornbread around Thanksgiving time anymore. Now you are just taunting me with cornbread. I do not appreciate this at all. Hrrmph.

Parsley! Although if you look at the pic’s actual name I’ve labeled it green celery. Whoops. Anyway, I only ever buy a bunch of parsley once a year because the stuffing calls for 2T of parsley. Inevitably about 85% of the bunch goes bad because I do not have rabbits, they do not sell parsley in less than a gnormous bunch and I do not know what to do with that much parsley. It sure is pretty green though!

Blue Food! This has been holding the post up for a bit because I could not figure out what to do for blue. Violet was also tricky but blue had me stumped until I realized I had some M&Ms and M&Ms are blue. Huzzah! Also….tasty.

Blueberries aren’t really blue, they are more purply purple which I’m filing under indigo. These are LunarGeography’s frozen blueberries; she graciously let me stick my camera in her blueberries so I could check off indigo.

Nerds. Hee. I just happened to be thinking about the Roy G. Biv post (the V part in particular) while looking at my candy jar and hey! Grape Nerds! Which aren’t so grape-y grape as they are kinda sickly grape or violet. Yes folks, violet is sickly grape. Nerds are also packed right to the brim with Nerdyliciousness, at least the little packs like this are, which is nice in the day and age of “contents may settle”. That’s really a code word for “We’re ripping you off and trying to weasel out of it”. Not Nerds, you get a lot of bang for your Nerds buck.

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