The Start of the Season

Wow! What’s with the cold? Brrr! It was icicle toes weather yesterday and yes, I am still wearing my sandals. I need to buy me a winter coat and some sensible winter shoes. Either that or layer like a mad thing. The sad thing is I have enough socks and warmies to do just that.

Since I’m an eternal lazy butt I’m going to stick a recap up with pics and call it good. The entertaining part of this whole entry is that we had early Christmas over at the Mumses Saturday so I have lots of fun things to share. But first, Friday!

Friday morning we packed up the bug (and packed our stuff to pack into the bug because did I mention I am a Cheeto butt?) for the weekend as we were going directly from work to TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s house and then on to the mumses place. The plan was to hang and do some eats and visitating for a bit and then head off. Hang we did and Baby D. showed us all her new moves including colors and numbers. She is very excited about seven, three, five and four. Or maybe she could only find seven, three, five and four. Seems to me she wandered off chanting six, but then changed her tune to four after a bit of looking in her room. We also got to witness what TheRCK called “controlling the environment” which seemed to be Baby D. dragging every single toy and then some out of her room and onto the family room floor.

I will confess that we helped to add to the mess by bringing Baby D. a Christmas gift bubble blowing ducky. Baby D. is all about the ducks so we thought we might up the ante and get one that is multi functional (a duck AND a bubble blower). I’m not sure Baby D. is quite with the whole bubble duck program yet, but then again it was really difficult to get the duck to bubble. It should be an excellent tubby toy regardless and what is a bath without a bubble duck? Baby D. also enjoyed the box we put the duck in and there you go. Two presents in one.

We skedaddled up north after a most delicious dinner and some fun talk plus Baby D. interaction to find the ‘rents had off and tucked in for the night. My Mumses and Mr. Paul are early to bed kind of people (it was only 9pm too!) so we quietly snuck in and set up camp in the guest bedroom. We also wrapped presents in the guest bedroom since we are both Cheeto lazy and hadn’t wrapped the gifts yet. The guest bedroom houses the wrapping supplies so I’m thinking it was meant to be. Here we were with unwrapped presents and there the closet was all full of shiny paper begging to be used, I say it was fate!

We came, we saw, we wrapped, we went to bed. Mumses had to work on Saturday so we got up and did Christmas at 7ish and had time to hang, eat coffee cake and drink lots of coffee before she had to scoot. Word to the sleepy, do NOT drink three mugs of coffee if you are planning on catching some Zs after your mumses goes to work. I was peeing every half hour, which is about how long it takes me to nod off. Most. Uncomfortable. “Nap”. Ever. Blergh! But I digress. Christmas!

TheMan and I got mumses and Mr. Paul some silly gifts (like cane sugar for coffee because they never have cane sugar for coffee and I like cane sugar in my coffee. Oh and peeps, but not for the coffee. Mumses and Mr. Paul are peep fans so I like to snag some when they are seasonally out) and real gifts. TheMan takes some really good pics so we rummaged through his shots and found a really cute Charlie shot and an equally cute Lucy shot, printed them up, framed them and wrapped them. Incase you are interested, the Lucy pic is the first one from this entry and the Charlie pic is from here.

Now for the picture show! This is all the cool stuff Mumses and Mr. Paul got us…or at least most of the cool stuff. I’ll refrain from snapping a pic of the colored goldfish crackers.

First off, a pasta maker! Mumses read TheMan’s blog about making home made pasta and took pity on him. Heh. It’s shiny and big and heavy and TheMan has to take one of my Christmas presents back now. DOAH! Heh.

We also got some snazzy pasta dishes to go with our pasta maker. Look, egg plant! And garlic! I also want you to know that we put the box (for this is actually a picture of the pasta dishes box) in the kitchen upsidown so rather than take a pic and rotate the image OR turn the box right side up, I Just shot it backwards and upsidown through my legs. I art for you people! Turned out pretty good too!

And a wok! Artsy. OK, I’m not sure what the wok and pasta have to do with each other, possibly nothing. My mumses made a point of telling me that this one was NOT to be used for fish so ahhhh, yeah. Focus on the NEW SHINY WOK! *squeee* I love me my new wok! WOK!

Here are some stocking stuffer critters. They are hand puppets; TheMan can make the alligator do a mean can-can.

Oooo! Games! And games refills (not pictured)! Stylin (I’m looking forward to playing this up north).

Lastly, but not leastly, this fella. He’s quite a riot to pose,

(here he does some Tai Chi atop the KitchenAid)
but sadly TheMan took a shining to him (her/it). Sadly because it was MY stuffer, but who can crush such joy as was on TheMan’s face when he saw Stick Man. Not that I’m giving up my rights to Stick Man, but I agreed that Stick Man can go in to work and live at TheMan’s desk, providing that I have the right to call up and request pose changes.

You would be unhappy too if you had a stick up your ass.

When all was said and unwrapped and we had a lovely and coffeelicious breakfast, TheMan and I went up for a snooze while mumses went to work and Mr. Paul went shopping. After some peeing, more peeing and most peeing I gave up and got up for good at noonesque. I started in on the pie making, TheMan tended to his crock pot (which he had put on in the morning), mumses prepped salad and Mr. Paul thought about rice. It wasn’t quite rice time at 1pm, but he was prepping to do it later. Very important. The pie was this strange affair where the shell had a praline pecan layer, the filling was cooked pumpkin, sour cream, ginger bits and some egg yolks boiled and simmered and then cooled and mixed with gelatin and then finally folded in to some stiffened egg whites. It was supposed to have a pumpkin layer, a whipped cream layer, another pumpkin layer and whipped cream to top it off, but I quickly ran out of pie shell. Our grand pie thing was simply the praline layer on the pie crust, a filling of pumpkin and a topper of whipped cream. I think it was more humane that way, and tasty to boot!

Mumses made a smashing Caesar salad, the crock turned out delish and the rice was tres magnifique. Mmmmm! Of course we had after dinner drinks and coffee because we were at the mumses and Mr. Paul’s house. I think the world ends if you don’t have after dinner drinks and coffee there. Not that I’m complaining, especially since they have cane sugar now. Mmmm! It was a really nice Christmas and it really felt like Christmas day.

Want to know the best part? I get to have another Christmas Friday with TheMan’s fam!

I best wrap my presents!

Sunday was devoted to the Sunday game (in which LunarGeography’s character and my character went off on a tangential nut and decided to found the world’s premiere otter rescue facility in Ann Arbor. Don’t ask, I think it had to do with the cinnamon rolls) and Japanese eats afterward. Mmmm, Japanese eats. Sunday was also the day of freezing off ones tootsies by virtue of wearing ones thin socks but we wont go in to that. Oh look, I’ve come full circle! Must be time to end today’s blog, and so I shall.

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